Consultance Center for Nanotechnologies, Nanomaterials and Nanostructures (2001- 2004)


Project No. 78 “M\ATNANTECH” National Programme
Subprogram for Research Facilities and Services Development

Project director: Irina Kleps (irinak@imt.ro)

Coordinator: National Institute for Research aAnd Development in Microtechnologies IMT Bucharest– Center of Nanotechnologies
Partner: “C. D. Nenitescu” Foundation

“3N” is a crossing field and could be found in other National Programs (CERES, BIOTECH, VIASAN, MENER). The aim of this project is to offer consultance and advanced solutions to the Romanian scientific community with activity in nanoscience field.

Main Objectives:

1. Elaboration of “3N” Data Bases for Romanian activities with the following structure:

(a) Accumulation of information and technical data from Romanian research institutes, universities and SMEs; identifying the end-users in order to apply the research results in industrial area (2002-2003)

(b) Organisation of paid service modules (2003-2004):
  • nanomaterials fabrication and characterisation;
  • advanced technological solutions (design, modelling) r elated to the nanomaterials integration in complex microsystems for applications in priority fields: environment, biology, medicine, agriculture.
  • 2. Establishing of the multidisciplinary collaboration at national and international level.

    This project intend to realise:

    - a direct contact between research and industry:
    - the access of the end-users to the research results in the nanotechnology field;
    - the increase of the Romanian specialists competence;
    - more Romanian participants in international projects.



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