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General objectives

  1. Resource development for the RDI system – by creation of an interdisciplinary partnership (micro/nanoengineering and technology, chemistry, biology, medicine, applied electronics) and of a multidisciplinary group of expertise in the development of hi-tech applications for neuroscience; generation of an advanced experimental system with controllable and expandable features, to be used by the Romanian neuroscientists.
  2. Increase of performance for the RDI system – by development of the proposed innovative technologies; by accessing into a priority area, dynamic and with excellent international commercial potential; by the increase of the number of scientific papers; by the special focus on technology transfer and on incubation opportunities around the experts group. 
  3. Increased participation of the private sector – the consortium includes a partner SME (ROMELGEN); the partner expects as an effect of the grant the creation of a special R&D department, specialized in advanced medical technology.
  4. Promotion of international collaboration – creation of an efficient and dynamic group of experts, able of successful tackling in the FP7 related thematic; by attracting the focus on the project thematic among the international competence networks associated with IMT in common projects

Specific objectives:

  • Design, optimization, development and testing of an advanced microfabricated multi-site electrode with enhanced constructive properties and performance parameters, for extracellular electrical recording and electrochemical sensing of neural environment in terms of pH and dopamine neurotransmitter; the testing phase will be realized primarily on cell cultures (in vivo), with subsequent testing in animal experiments (in vitro), under fully regulated ethical rules at the specialized partner location (IVB).
  • Elaboration of requirements, specifications and implementation methods of the complete system for neuronal activity recording to be used in advanced neuroresearch, based on the multidisciplinary experience of the consortium. An esential objective of the project is the full implementation and validation of the system.
  • Validation and use of the system developed during the project in bioresearch laboratories, with the essential goal of transforming the product in a commercial success.
  • Publications of the new findings and developments achieved; it is estimated that the R&D work related to NEUROSENSE will result in 10 scientific papers and at least 3 technology promotion articles
  • Patent application(s) for the successful solutions devised during the project: at the Romanian Patent Office, and, according to the market prospection results, patent application at the European Patent Office and/or US Patent Office; the intellectual property policy will be decided based on continuous consultancy with the Center for Technology Transfer, CTT- Baneasa.