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Why elastomer microsystems

Director page

The main objectives of our project are:
Attainment of fundamental and applicative research activities also regarding technological development that will be pointed to:
  - setting up the technology for elastomer based microsystem manufacturing;
  - designing new types of sensors based on elastomer material;
  - designing of new types of optimized elastomer based microsystems, which will be transferred to potential customers (delivered turn-key know-how and design solution);
Know-how exchange between partners, dedicated for the developing of new measurement and characterization equipment pointed to the enlargement of the research and transfer infrastructure in our country for:
4) - designing and manufacturing of an original optical apparatus, awarded in lon of Invention, Bruxelles 2004, which will be used in material characterization for high-tech technologies like integrated optics and optoelectronics. This equipment will be part of the technological facilities of the excellence nucleus (defined in point 5), but will be also available for customers
Creation of an excellence nucleus at national level that will cover the whole range of elastomer based microsystems, from know-how to technological facilities, from research to manufacturing and production of such microsystems. This nucleus will remain active after the project ending and its results will be made available by:
5) - dissemination pointed to potential customers of the know-how generated in the project frame and coupling with related European projects. By customer we mean economical units (SME or large companies), but we do not exclude research or educational units, or even any person eager to inform its self and learn what elastomer based microsystems are. This dissemination activity will continue also after the project ending.
Coherent development of the partners research and technological infrastructure by:
6) - technological equipment acquisition, that will be at the basis of the excellence nucleus.

In order to accomplish these main objectives, another set of secondary objective must be reached, namely:
- manufacturing, experimenting and characterization of elastomer thin layers;
- modeling and simulation, manufacturing and characterization of simple elastomer based microstructures;
- research and experimentation on electrical contacting of the elastomer based microsystems.