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Why elastomer microsystems

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Using elastomer in the field of microsystems brings some advantages compared with the use of other material, like silicon for instance:
- In the case of actuators, it reduces the power consumption for actuation. As an example, one me actuating voltage, an elastomeric microbridge will exhibit a larger deflection compared with a silicon-based microbridge. Reciprocally, in order to produce the me deflection for both microbridges, the elastomer-based one will need a lesser actuation voltage.
- It increases the sensibility of the sensors. For instance, in the case of an acceleration sensor, the sensitivity of the microsystem based on elastomer material will be several times greater than the silicon-based one.
This materials bring with them three advantages:
- A reduction of actuating power for MEMS devices. This is a crucial point for many fields of application, mobile telephony being one of them.
- An increase sensitivity of microsensors based on this kind of materials. This way the application field is considerably enlarged.
- Because of the diversity of the elastomer material family, which are exhibiting very diverse properties, the application area for elastomer based microsystems is also enlarged