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Groupe I      

Studies regarding optical methods for measurement, testing and analysis of materials, photonic and optoelectronic components

  • Purchase of a Raman spectrometer - LabRAM HR produced by HORIBA JOBIN YVON for material physical-chemical characterization

    - spectral range: 400nm –1050 nm, wave number range: 30 – 9500 cm-1;
    - spectral rezolution : 0.35cm-1/pixel for laser of 633 nm and diffraction gratings of 1800 gr/mm ;
    - spatial rezolution of confocal microscope – laser beam diameter less than 1 mm and axial confocal performance better than 2 mm.

  • Spectroscopic elipsometry for thin films and multilayers structures characterization - refractive index and thicknesse determinations

    Refractive index as a function of wavelength for TiO2 layer deposited on Si wafer, recorded with elipsometer SE 800 / SENTECH

  • Reflection and transmission spectrophotometry for texturized surfaces characterization

    Spectral reflectance of the silicon wafer during the mechanical polishing:1-unpolishing; 2-intermediary stage; 3-final stage.

  • Configuration of experimental setup for the characterization of optoelectronic and photonic components