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Scientific and technical project aims are as follows:

  1. Research and development of original integrated technologies for to realize complex micro/nanosystems for development of piezoelectric microsensors. The project novelty consists of proposal for own microprocessing  by modern piezoelectric materials technologies

      (AIN, La3Ga3SiO14, GaPO4 ) original method for simultaneously exciting of two vibration
      modes and of more pairs of electrodes used for their separated electrical exciting

  1. To realize experimentally models of piezoelectric microsensors for physics measurement, analysis and control of much more parameters as temperature, craft, viscosity, mass, chemicals concentration a.s.o. by using different methods, as could be seen in the project proposal. For instant by using microscale QCM either excited resonators in lateral field, with selective nanometric fields is possible to detect the mechanical properties modifications (mass, stress) also electrical ones like conductivity at the diluted materials to be detected inside of watering solution.
  2. To realize 3D packages for microsensors just done and MCM`s packaging with integrated electronics for signal analysis of system production.
  3. To demonstrate the functionality of microsensors and system.

The strategically object is the development of multidisciplinary technological network –PIEZOSENSE – to contain the research team of scientists skilled in different fields like microelectronics, new materials and micro/nanosystems, information technologies (IT) and the electronics of signal analysis, as also to realize the interconnection between RDI entities, academia, SME`s and large companies with the following project final aims:
- The accumulation for new knowledges in the field of microsystems and especially of sensors;
- A strategy for the development of monitoring complex system of environment contamination –this will involve the adhesion at the European Technological Platforms of sustainable chemie , water supply and sanitization;
- One project proposal in FP7 will have same thematically area.