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- the algebra associated to the device
- is the first device able to perform subtraction of two images by all-optical means -> is a world priority
- the basic operations were identified and quantified so as designing of an optical processor containing several such units be possible (image recording, image addition, image subtraction, contrast variation, image erasure, constant background subtraction, grey level changing)
- an emulation software was created for simulating the working of he optical processing unit
- a demonstrator is now under construction and evaluation
- the experimental results obtained on an initial test structure indicate:
   - writing energy: 1 nJ/mm2 (optical)
   - storage time: 10 minutes under ambient illumination
- the algorithms for:
   - grey level extraction (display of the image regions that have a certain grey level)
   - contour extraction
   - subtraction of a constant grey level from the image (background cancellation)
- these operations are made all-optical
- each operation takes the same time whichever the complexity of the image, its size or the number of grey levels
- the images may be recorded, added or subtracted