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Micro- electro- mechanical system with applications in reconstructive
microsurgery of peripheral nerves

General and specific objectives of the project

The general objective of the project is to increase the RD competitivity by stimulating partnerships in priority domains, concretized in innovative technologies and devices needed to solve complex problems. The specific objectives are:

O.1. The elaboration of conceptual models about the study of peripheral nerve injury;
O.2. The modeling of peripheral nerve activity;
O.3. Preliminary studies and experiments regarding the histopathology and etiology of the peripheral nerves;
O.4. Simulation and design of micro-nanotechnologies for the realization of the micro-electro-mechanic system (BioMEMS);
O.5. Simulation, design and realization of the proof of concept biochip, which integrates the BioMEMS, the magnetophoresis and the dielectrophoresis devices;
O.6. Interpretation and validation of the results by correlation with actual clinical trials;
O.7. Results dissemination;
O.8. Patents of original results
O.9. Training and developing the human resource involved in the realization of the project.



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