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Micro- electro- mechanical system with applications
in reconstructive microsurgery of peripheral nerves

The scope of the project

The scope of the project is to bring important contributions to a top field like the micro-nanotechnology field, and also to extend the knowledge database  and to increase the research capacity with favorable implications for Romanian research competitivity the on national and international level, in the integration of the micro-electro-mechanics with the biomedicine domain. The proposed research has the role of a frontier applicative research and is dedicated to the investigation of the most advanced aspects regarding the interactions in supramolecular systems, the discovery of new interactions, the understanding of the mechanisms which trigger the behaviour of peripheral nerve fascicles (on the molecular level). The proof of concept device which will be realized is a compact micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS), obtained by combining microelectronic devices and microsensors with microfluidic systems. The results obtained during this project will have immediate applicability in the medical field to conduct studies closer to the truth about the peripheral nerve and it’s capacity of regeneration and reconstruction. Also, we will be able to study what is happening to the section heads of the nerve and the segment added to rebuid the nerve’s continuity and we will be able to study the physiological function and it’s physiopathology. Thus, we will be able to predict, by comparison with the modern state of the art reconstruction techniques, the future of recontructive microsurgery for any of these components. With the help of the BioMEMS obtained during this project we want to sustain the physician’s efforts in microsurgery reconstruction of the peripheral nerves.



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