DAN C. DASCALU graduated in 1965 the Faculty of Electronics, from the University "Politehnica" of Bucharest and obtained in 1970 the Ph.D. degree from the same University. Professor DAN C. DASCALU is teaching Electron Devices and Circuits at the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications and at the Department of Engineering Sciences, Electrical Division (courses in English), both at the University "Politechnica" of Bucharest. He is also supervising other undergraduate and graduate courses (on silicon technology, microsystems, microsensors) at the same University.
Prof. Dascalu is the author of three scientific monographs about unipolar semiconductor devices (two of them, totalizing about 1000 pages, published in English), co-author of another monograph about the metal-semiconductor contact in microelectronics, author and co-author of 7 text books, and more then 160 technical papers published in scientific periodicals or conference proceedings, especially related to microwave devices and to semiconductor sensors. He is supervising Ph.D. studies in microelectronics and microsystems.
Professor Dan Dascalu is the coordinator of the Physical Electronics Research Centre (microsensors and micromechanics, CAD of integrated circuits, and microsystems) from the Faculty of Electronics. He headed (1991 – 1993) two TEMPUS projects on microsensors and microelectronics. The CAD laboratory from the above Centre participated to EUROCHIP and it is now a member of EUROPRACTICE. Prof. Dascalu founded the Centre of Microtechnology (1992) and then the Institute of Microtechnology (1993), which in 1996 became the National Institute for Reserch and Development in Microtechnologies (IMT – Bucharest), merging with the former ICCE (Institute of Research for Electronic Components). Since 1993 prof. Dascalu is the General Manager (CEO) and President of the Board of the institute. Since 1997 he is also the General Chairman of the International Conference for Semiconductors (CAS), in 2001 at its 24th edition (held each year in October in Sinaia, Romania). He also organized a number of international events sustained by European Commission and the EU projects (e.g. the EURONET workshop in Sinaia, Romania, September 2003).
Professor Dan Dascalu is also the Vice-President of the commission for "New Materials, Micro and nanotechnologies" from the Consultative Board for Research and Development of the Ministry of Education and Research. He coordinated the elaboration of a number of national R&D programmes, including MICRONANOTECH (programme for micro and nanotechnologies, in 2000). Prof. Dascalu is Senior Member of IEEE (Electron Devices). He is corresponding member (1990) and full member (1993) of the Romanian Academy (of Sciences). Prof. Dascalu has been (1994 -1998) the President of the Section for Information Science and Technology of the Romanian Academy. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Romanian Journal for Information Science and Technology (published by the Romanian Academy) and President of the Commission for Science and Technology of Microsystems, also at the Romanian Academy. He is also the coordinator of the "Series in Micro- and Nanoengineering", published by the Romanian Academy.
Prof. Dascalu is Senior Member of IEEE. He is the President of the Romanian Association for Research in Information and Communication Technologies (ROMINFOR) and coordinates the Section for Micro and Nanoscience and Engineering (editing the Bulletin "Micro and Nanostructures").
Prof. Dan Dascalu was a member of the Steering Committee of NEXUSPAN (1995-2000), and member of the Board of NEXUS (Network of Excellence for Multifunctional Microsystems). Currently is Member of the NEXUS Board and is representing the Acceding and Candidate Countries in the Steering Committee of NEXUSPLUS project.

Prof. Dascalu coordinated the participation of IMT-Bucharest (as the Romanian national contractor) to the EU project ESIS (European Survey of the Information Society).

Currently, Mr. Dascalu is the coordinator of two SSA projects devoted to ACC countries is the contact person in the following projects: REASON and MST-Systems (FP 5), PATENT and Nano2Life (associate), both NoE in FP 6.

Prof. Dan Dascalu was involved in evaluations during the EU programmes, and is representing Romania as an expert in the NMP Committee Programme since November 2002.

January 2004

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