Buton.jpg (695 bytes)   First name: Gabriel

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)   Surname (Family name) Moagar-Poladian

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)   Date and place of birth: September 23, 1965, Bucharest, ROMANIA

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)   Education:


Faculty of Physics, Bucharest University (1985- 1990)

Degree or Diploma: wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  MSc in solid-state physics and devices and nonlinear optics – 1990

Title of diploma: The study of the Pockels and optical rectification effects. Mark obtained: 10 (highest)

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  PhD in solid-state physics/optoelectronics - 1992 – 1999

Title of PhD thesis: The MOS Transistor with Optically Controlled Gate. Distinction obtained: The highest + "Cum Laudae"

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)   Professional experience (competence and domain)

Solid state physics, optoelectronics (components for optical computing and for optical communications), microsensors and microsystems (for optical detection and light manipulation), nonlinear optics (electro-optic effects, optical rectification).

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)   Career:

Date: from-to Jan.1994 - till now
Location: Bucharest
Institution: National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnology
Position: Senior researcher
Description of responsabilities: The development of optical detectors, the development of microsystems for optical control.
Date: from-to Sept. 1992-Jan.1994
Location: Bucharest
Institution: Centre of Biotechnology
Position: Research physicist engineer
Description of responsabilities: biophysics group, fundamental research department. Responsabilities: to develop experimental procedures for the characterization of the biological solutions.
Date: from-to Sept. 1990-sept.1992
Location: Bucharest
Institution: Institute of Optoelectronics
Position: Research physicist engineer
Description of responsabilities: Head of the IR detector team, thermovision group, fundamental research department. Responsabilities: to develop IR detectors for thermovision systems.

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)   Stages abroad (country, institution, period):

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)   Present position: Senior researcher

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)   Research interests:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Optoelectronics: high speed electro-optic modulators in bulk silicon (and other semiconductors) for the radiation corresponding to intrinsic absorption band; arrays of MOS transistors with photoelectret controlled gate; optical neural nets; optical and optoelectronic memories; optical computers; optical chip interconnects.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Optical communications: a new method and infrastructure for ultra broadband optical communications.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Optical materials: a new method for obtaining thin films with very low reflectivities.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Microsystems: optical sensors for microsystem applications; adaptive optics for microscopy; novel photonic techniques for use in the field of microsystems.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Solid-state physics: electrical and optical properties of novel materials for electronics/optoelectronics and sensor applications.

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)   Past and current projects (the most representative examples, indicating title/subject, source of founding, time interval, main results obtained/expected, role played in the project): 



de la... pana la...

Orizont 2000/ Studiul proprietatilor si aplicatiile strcturilor de tip metal-izolator-metal dopate prin metoda sol-gel

Coordonator proiect


Orizont 2000/ Dispozitive de stocare de sarcina pentru aplicatii īn microelectronica si microsisteme

Coordonator proiect

1999 - 2000

Orizont 2000/ Senzori mecanici si termici pentru aplicatii speciale bazati pe straturi subtiri magnetice

Coordonator proiect

1999 - 2000

Metode si tehnici de control ale gradientilor de stres īn microstructuri pentru aplicatii īn microelectromecanica

Responsabil faza/participant

1997 - 1998

Microsisteme pentru microanaliza si microinstrumentatie

Responsabil faza/participant

1997 - 1998

Microsistem continīnd senzori de debit integrati īn tehnologie CMOS pentru controlul respirator al pacientilor din clinici

Responsabil faza/participant

1997 - 1998

Structuri micromecanice realizate prin microprelucrare (de volum side suprafata) utilizate īn microsisteme optice integrate īn siliciu


1997 - 1998

Procese tehologice asistate de laser pentru fabricarea de microsisteme




Neuron optic reconfigurabil – cercetare, exp[erimentare demonstrator si evaluare parametri functionali

Director de proiect

2001 - …

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)   Main scientific publications:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  G. Moagar-PoladianOptical Random Access Memory Based on Tunnel Diodes, accepted at IQEC/LAT 2002 Conference, 22-28 June 2002, Moscow, Russia.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  G. Moagar-Poladian, M. Bulinski – "Reconfigurable Optical Neuron Based on the Transverse Pockels Effect", Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials vol.4, no.4 p. 929 – 936 (2002).
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  G. Moagar-PoladianThe Theory of the Basic Optoelectronic Behaviour of the Tunnel Diode, Applied Optics volume 40 no. 33, p. 6086 – 6097 (2001).
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  V. Moagar-Poladian, G. Moagar-PoladianFinite Element Simulation of a New Type of All-metal Infrared Detector, Proceedings of the SENSOR 2001 Conference (May 8 – 10 2001, Nuremberg, Germany), vol.1, p. 275 – 280 (2001).
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  G. Moagar-Poladian Image Amplifier based on a photoelectret-electrooptic medium sandwich-type structure, Journal of Optics Part A: Pure and Applied vol. 2 no.6, p. 569 – 575 (2000).
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  G. Moagar-PoladianA Novel Type of Thresholding Element for Optoelectronic Neurons, Romanian Journal of Information Science and Technology vol.3, no.4, p. 353 – 364 (2000).
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  G. Moagar-Poladian - Reconfigurable Optical Neuron Based on Photoelectretic Materials, Applied Optics vol.39 no.5, p.782-787 (2000). (See note below)
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  G. Moagar-Poladian - All-optical Analog-to Digital and Digital-to-Analog Converters, accepted at IIIrd Euro-American Workshop on Optoelectronic Information Proccessing, Colmar, France, May 1999.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  G. Moagar-Poladian - The Applications of Photoelectret-Electrooptic Crystal Structure to Optical Imaging, accepted at ISE 10: 10th International Symposium on Electrets, Delfi, Greece, September 1999.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  G. Moagar-Poladian, V. Moagar-Poladian - Giant Piezorezistivity in GMR-like Structures, accepted at LDSD’99: Low Dimensional Systems and Devices ’99, Antalya, Turkeey, September 1999.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  G. Moagar-Poladian - "MOS Transistor with Photoelectret Controlled Gate", International Journal of Optoelectronics, vol.12 no.1, p. 1-7 (1998).
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  G. Moagar-Poladian, V. Moagar-Poladian - Stress Determination in Dielectric Thin Films Using the Piezorezistive Effect, Proceedings of the MME’98 Conference (MicroMechanics Europe), Ulvik i Hardanger, Norway, p. 307 – 310, (1998).
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  G. Moagar-Poladian - " An MOS Transistor with Optical Rectification Controlled Gate", Semiconductor Science and Technology, vol. 12, p. 210-216 (1997).
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  G. Moagar-Poladian - "The Parallel Photoelectromagnetic Effect", Proceedings Supplement of Balkan Physics Letters, vol. 5, part 2, p.1079-1082, (1997).
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  G. Moagar-Poladian, C. Savaniu, T. Serban, N. Nastase - Cerium Doped Silica Glass Prepared by Sol-Gel Method, RoCAM’97 Conference (Romanian Conference on Advanced Materials), Romanian Academy, Bucuresti, November 1997
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  E. Gheorghiu, G. Moagar-Poladian, T.G. Paunescu. Determination of living cell concentration by on-line dielectroscopic measurements, Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium "Biotechnologies Now and Tomorrow", Bucharest, Romania (June 24-25, 1993), p. 219-226.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  G. Moagar-Poladian - A Method of Emissivity Determination, The 27th European Seminar on Quantitative Infrared Thermography QIRT’92, Paris, France, July 1992.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  G. Moagar-Poladian - The Determination of Optical Indicatrix Axes in Uniaxial Nonlinear Crystals, National Conference of Physics CNF’90, Cluj, Romania, October 1990.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  G. Moagar-Poladian – Optical Logical Gates Based on Saturable Absorbers. Working Principles. National Conference on Electronics, Communications, Automation and Computers CNETAC’88, Bucuresti, Romania, December 1988.

Paper [7] was mentioned as being state-of-the-art, presenting interest for the field of optical computers based on neural networks, in the John Wiley & Sons INSIDE R&D publication (see ), as indicated below:

H.Goldstein – "New Structure Proposed For All-Optical Neurons" , Inside R&D vol.29 no.13 p. 2, March 29, 2000

The same paper [7] was also requested by the editors of New Scientist Magazine from England for presentation in their magazine.

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)   Member of professional associations:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Romanian Physical Society
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  European Physical Society
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  European Optical Society
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Romanian Society of Crystal Growth and Materials Science
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  American Optical Society

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)   Additional information (expertise, prizes, etc.):

Programming skills:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Operating systems: MS-DOS, Windows 95-98, Windows NT
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Programming languages: Qbasic, C
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Editing software: MS Office
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Mathematical software: Maple


The Silver Medal at the 51th World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technology, Bruxelles, Belgium, November 2002. Title of the paper: Antireflective Structure for Electromagnetic Radiation. Author: Gabriel Moagar-Poladian.

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Buton.jpg (695 bytes)   Contact information (e-mail, tel., fax. mailing address):

National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnology, Str. Erou Iancu Nicolae 32B, 72996, Bucharest, Romania

Tel: +4021-490.84.12; E-mail:

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