Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  First name: Raluca

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Surname Müller

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Date and place of birth: 11.01.1954, Bucharest

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Education: M.Sc. (1978) and Ph.D (2000), in Electronics and Telecommunications "Politechnica" University, Bucharest, Romania

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Professional experience

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  design, manufacturing and characterization of J-FET;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  design and manufacturing of magnetic sensors and microwave diodes;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  design and manufacturing of photodiodes and optical waveguides on silicon;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  design, modeling and technological processes for micromachining 3D structures on silicon (thin membranes and cantilevers).

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Career

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  1978-1994: Research Scientist at the Research Institute for Electronic Components, ICCE Bucharest, Romania
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  1994 – present: Senior Researcher at National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies (IMT Bucharest) in the Microoptics Lab
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  1997-present: associated lecturer at State University "Valahia", Targoviste for "Electronic Devices and Circuits" and " Specific technologies for microsensors and microsystems" courses

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Stages abroad

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  France, INPG- ENSERG Grenoble, research stage 1999 and 2000
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Greece-, University of Athens, Communications Research Laboratory, research stage 2001 and 2002

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Present position: Senior researcher - Head of Development in Information Technologies Department;

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Research interests: micromachining, photonics, sensors.

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Past and current projects:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Development of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MOEMS) based on integrated optics and silicon micromachining"- Bilateral Interguvernamental Cooperation with University of Athens-2001-2002
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Silicon-based micromechanical tunable interferometers for optical communications and interconnections- Bilateral Interguvernamental Cooperation with University of Athens-2003-2004
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Technologies for interferometric and microoptic microstructures (MOEMS) on silicon- National Project 2000-2002
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Technologies for realization of Fabry-Perot micro-interferometers integrated on silicon - National Project 2001-2004
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Analyzing and modeling of stress in 3D structures utilized for opto-mechanical microsystems with applications in optical communications and sensors- Grant-CNCSIS 2001-2003
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Chartacterization of Mterials and Structures for Micro and Nanoengneering Research Laboratory Network (MINAMAT-NET)- National Project 2001-2003

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Main scientific publications:


wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  D. Cristea, R. Muller, F.Craciunoiu, M.Caldararu, M.Purica, E.Budianu, P.Obeja, I.Pavelescu, M.Modreanu, "Microphotonic Devices and Circuits for Opto-Electro-Mechanical Microsystems", in Micro and Nanostructures, Edited by Romanian Academy, Sept. 2001

Papers in periodicals:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  "Analysis and modelling of silicon micromachined Mach-Zehnder interferometer for pressure sensing", I. Pavelescu, R. Muller, V. Moagar – Poladian, J. Micromechanic and Microengeneering, 7 (1997), pp. 214-217.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  "Silicon Micromachining for Microsensors Applications", R. Muller, I.Pavelescu, E. Manea, A.Popescu, Balkan Phys. Letters, , August 1999, pp. 1999-2002.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  "Integrated optics circuits for opto-electro-mechanical microsensors", R. Muller, D. Cristea, I. Pavelescu, F. Craciunoiu, D. Dascalu, Nexus Research News, August 1999, pp. 8-11.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) "Silicon Elastomer as Protective Layer in 3D Microfabrication of MOEMS, P.Obreja, R. Muller, E.Manea, Sensors and Actuators A, vol. 74, 1999, pp.24-26.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) "Some Particulary Aspects of define the Thickness of the Membranes by Boron Diffusion Processes", E.Manea, R. Muller, A.Popescu, Sensors and Actuators A, vol.74, 1999, pp.91-94.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  "Technological processes and modelling of opto-electro-mechanical microstructures", R. Muller, V. Moagar Poladian, I. Pavelescu, E. Manea, D. Cristea, P.Obreja, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing-a section of Solid State Electronics, vol.3, nr.5/6, 2000, pp.427-431
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  "Hybridisation of LED’s with silicon microsensors", D. Cristea, I.Cernica, C. Dunare, R. Muller, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing-a section of Solid State Electronics, vol. nr.5/6, 2000, pp. .563-568
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  "Silicon compatible waveguides used for an integrated opto-mechanical pressure sensors" R. Muller, P. Obreja , V.Banu, I.Pavelescu, D.Dascalu, Optical Materials, 17 (2001), p.255-258.

Comunications atInternational Conferences:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  R.Muller, V.Moagar Poladian, I.Pavelescu, Nicoleta Mierlacioiu –" Stress analyse of a multilayer cantilever beam using finite element ANSYS"; MicroMechanics Europe'2000
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  R. Muller, P. Obreja , V.Banu, I.Pavelescu, D.Dascalu, "Investigation of Different Materials and Technological Processes for an Integrated Opto-Mechanical Pressure Sensor", E-MRS, Strasbourg, Franta, Iunie 2000
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  R. Muller, Elena Manea and Paula Obreja," Silicon membranes as sensing elements for MOEMS applications: fabrication/characterization", Proceeding of E-MRS Spring Meeting, Symposium Strasbourg, France, June 2001
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Raluca Muller, Elena Manea and Mihai Kusko, "Thin membranes obtained by surface micromachining - preliminary study for a Fabry-Perot interferometer", acceptata la CAS’2001
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  R. Müller , D. Syridis, E. Manea, M. Kusko, D. Apostol, and V. Damian, "Sacrificial and structural layers used in surface micromachined Fabry-Perot microcavities", E-MRS Spring Meeting 2002, Strasbourg, France, June 2002
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Mihai Danila, Elena Manea, Raluca Müller, Raluca Gavrila
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  "Structural investigation of LPCVD poly-silicon layers used in surface micromachining", Proceedings Proc. of 25th International Semiconductor Conference -CAS’2002, Sinaia, Romania, Oct. 2002, p.91
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Raluca Müller, D.Syvridis, M. Kusko, D. Cristea, D.Apostol, V.Damian, M Bercu, E. Manea, "Integrated Fabry-Perot Microcavity based on Surface Micromachining Processes", Advanced Topics in optoelectronics Micro&Nanotechnologies International Conference-ATOM 2002, November, 21-23, 2002, Bucharest, Romania, p.40

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Member of professional associations: IEEE ED and LEOS

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Additional information:

2001-2004 Coordination of a National Network "CHARACTERIZATION OF MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES FOR MICRO AND NANOENGINEERING RESEARCH LABORATORIES NETWORK - MINAMAT-NET" which join 8 research institutes and academia from Romania with complementary facilities for materials and microstructure characterization. The main scope of the project is to develop a multidisciplinary research network focus on the characterization of materials, micro and nanostructures, based on the existing partners infrastructure. The network promote the cooperation between the participants, teaching activities, open the existing infrastructures to other industrial users and establish new scientific national and European cooperations.

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Foreign languages: fluent in english

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Contact information:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  E-mail:, Phone; +40 - 21-490.82.12, ext.27, 32;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Fax: +40 - 21-490.82.38; Normal mailing address: P.O.Box 38-160, Bucharest, Romania,
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Fast mailing address : 32B Erou Iancu Nicolae Street, Bucharest, Romania