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First name: Daniel
Surname: Necula
Date and place of birth: April 15, 1948, Leresti, Arges, Romania

    - Polytechnic Institute Bucharest, 1966 - 1971, Masters in Machine Building Technology, Machine Tools and Die Faculty, graduated with honors;
    - Polytechnic Institute Bucharest, 1977 - 1978, “design and economical analysis course”;
    - Laufer GmbH, Germany, May 1981, “pressing machine and thermorigid material injection training cours”e;
    - Sanyo, Japan, July 1983 - August 1983, training course in production line assembling and testing “one digit by sign LED display”;
    - ASM Holland, October 1983, “training course in wire-bonding machine assembling and usage”;
    - Computer Science Institute, Bucharest, 1986, CAD and CAM course;
    - Polytechnic Institute Bucharest, 1987,”modern technology for modeling metallic materials course”;
    - MOTOROLA, ORPAK Israel, May 1993,” training course in radio communication used in Fuel-o-mat system installation and operation”;
    - Construction and Installation Technical Institute, Bucharest, 1993, “Auto CAD course, (2D design)”;
    - Petrom S.A., Romania, March 2001,” installation and maintenance of GPL (Gas Petroleum Liquid) SKID in petroleum distributor sites course”.

Professional experience:
    - april 2006 – Present: IMT Bucharest (National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies). Job description: Three dimensional electronics packaging and interconnection “3D pack” in the “4M Cross Divisional Project” – collaborator; Piezoelectric pressure sensor - solution in device assembly and finally testing; LPCVD and RIE plasma corrosion equipments: training at installation in technology site; Microfluidics appliance with block and modular solutions for sensors (PH, O2, and Temperature) applications in Toxicip – international project; Microfluidics application in IMUNOSENS, PN2 project – collaborator; Microfluidics application in INTEGRAM , international project; NEUROSENS” , PN2 project    -
    - January 1997 October 2005: REGIO Impex Ltd, Gilbarco (Marconi Commerce Systems) representative in Romania
Job description: Installation, service, maintenance and repair of petroleum (gas) distributor pumps and computer systems control in the fueling sites. Installed distributor pumps, control, sales and stock evidence in fuel sites from few brand types:
*Gilbarco (England), Salzkotten (Germany), Marconi Co)*: Salzkotten (Germany) and (Italy), ASPO (Finland), s.a.
    - June 1994-December 1996: ROM-OIL Ltd, Petrosani, Romania
Job description: Purchasing and administrative activity in petroleum (gas) distribution field.
    - November 1992 - June 1994: Rokura Ltd, Fuel-o-mat and Auto-Gate systems, Bucharest, Romania
Job description: Installation, service, maintenance of a system that recognizes and authorizes auto vehicle fuelling in fueling stations,or garage sites, using radio communication instructions;
    - December 1982 - November 1992: Microelectronics, Bucharest, Romania
Job description: Design of special tools and machines, molding die for electronic devices and die bonding machines, spare parts for optoelectronic devices.
Mechanical coordination design of electrochemical line for: Tin, Copper and Silver LED' frames.
Have an invention - opto - coupling devices using total light reflector phenomena and five innovations for LED electronic devices
    - November 1972 - December 1982: I.C.C.E. Bucharest, Romania
Job description: Scientific research at Electronic Devices Research and Design Center. Machine tester and apparels for electronic devices (ex: diodes, transistors, capacitors), lapping machines for Silicon wafer (three types), lapping machine for glasses of LCD devices (ex: stamp die in a frame, molding die, cutting die).
    - April - November 1972: Electromotor Timisoara, Romanaia
Job description: Engineer designer in first study in a plant for electrical engine and electrical house worker. Design tools, spare parts and divers projects specific for mechanical department of plants.

    - April 2006 – Present: IMT Bucharest (National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies). CS III
    - January 1997 October 2005: REGIO Impex Ltd; mechanical Engeener
    - June 1994-December 1996: ROM-OIL Ltd.; mechanical Engeener
    - November 1992 - June 1994: Rokura Ltd.; mechanical Engeener
    - December 1982 - November 1992: Microelectronics, Bucharest; CS III
    - November 1972 - December 1982: I.C.C.E. Bucharest; debutant Engeener, CS, CS III
    - April - November 1972: Electromotor Timisoara; debutant Engeener

Stages abroad:
    - Laufer GmbH, Germany, May 1981 - 1 week - training
    - Sanyo, Japan, July 1983 - August 1983 - 2 months - training
    - ASM Holland, October 1983 - 2 weeks - training
    - MOTOROLA, ORPAK Israel, May 1993 - 1 week - training

Present position: Resercher (CS III) IMT Bucharest

Research interests:
Microfluidics, devices packaging, designer cutting and molding die, electronic products tool and die, installing of mechanic, electro mechanic, hydraulic systems, machines or equipment, services, maintenance or reaper. Computer utilization.

Past and current projects:
O lot of project in conformity with job descriptions from professional experience.
Current projects are: Toxicip, Imunosens, Neurosens, Biomicrotech.

Recent scientific publications:
„Enzymatic biosensor for insecticides detection” CAS’2008, pag 147-150, IEEE Catalog Number: CFP 08 CAS –PRT, ISBN: 978-1-4244-2004-9, CAS 2008, October 12-15, 2008, Sinaia, Romania; coautor
“Biosensor for pesticides detection in food”; EMRS’2008 Conference, Warsaw, Poland, 15-19 September, abstract book pp 280, poster presentation, Symposium I

Member of professional associations:

Additional information:

Foreign languages: English

Contact information:
E-mail: daniel.necula[at]; daniel.necula[at];
Tel: 4908412/31; 0723360325

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