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First name: Cristina-Ionela

Surname: POPA

Date and place of birth: 21 November 1977, Romania


wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Dipl. Eng. - Technological Physics, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics, 2001
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) M.Sc - "Oscillations, Waves and control non-destruction", University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics, 2002
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Advanced studies– " Mechanics physics and genius of the materials", University,Le Havre, France, 2002
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) 2002- Present Doctoral programme subject:” Acoustic diffusion of en structure medium isotropy anisotropy immersed in water, at Mechanic Department, Bucharest University and LAUE Le Havre France

Professional experience:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Solid Physics and Technology


wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) July 2004- debutante research - National Institute for Research and Development in Micro technologies (IMT), Bucharest, Romania

Stages abroad:

March 2002 – July 2003: research scholarship at Le Havre University, France

Research stages:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) IMEL - Athens, Greece 2002 In the frame of Romanian-Greek Bilateral Project with subject: “Porous silicon for biological and pharmaceutical applications”;

Research interests: acoustics materials; surfarce acoustic wave devices, microwave devices; biomaterials; devices for bio-medical applications

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Development of optoelectronic devices and circuits
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) SAW devices (design and measurements).
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Development of acoustic wave biosensors
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Acoustics

Past and current projects:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) 2002 – 2005: Romanian National R&D Program MATNANTECH – “Pelistor microarray for detection of combustible gases“, source of founding: budget, Participant

Main scientific publications:

1. C. Popa, J.L. Izbicki , Modélisation mécanique et caractérisation ultrasonore de deux plaque anisotropes collées’ presented at ‘ Anglo-French Physical Acoustics Conference 2005’, Le Havre, France
2. J.L. Izbicki, C. Popa ‘ Modélisation mécanique et caractérisation ultrasonore d’un ansamble colle plaque izotrope/plaque anizotrope’ ‘ Anglo-French Physical Acoustics Conference 2004’, London
3. Duflo H., Morvan B., Izbicki I J.L. Popa C.‘Interaction of Lamb waves with defects on two bonding composite plates: altered area size estimation’. Soumis à la revue Journal of Composite Structures
4. Popa C. ‘Mechanical modeling of the adhesive-solid material’ presented at Annual Rapport in Physics at University of Physics Bucharest 2004
5. J.L. Izbicki, C. Popa ‘Modélisation acoustique aux interfaces mécaniques, modèle de Jones’ 5th World Congress on Ultrasonics, Paris, 7-10 september 2003
6. A. Dafinei, Popa C. ‘Modélisation des phénomènes EBIC pour une structure SI/PS’ Annual Rapport in Physics at University of Physics Bucharest 2001
7. A. Dafinei, Popa C. ‘Etude percolation du silicium poreux, phénomène EBIC pour une structure SI/PS’ Annual Rapport in Physics at University of Physics Bucharest 2001
8. C. Popa , J.L. Izbicki, ‘Multicouche plane colle anisotrope : caracterisation des resonances a l’aide du formalisme de la matrice S’; Revue roumaine des sciences techniques; (Serie: Mecanique appliquee)
9. C. Popa, J.L. Izbicki ‘Prise en compte des effets de l’anisotropie de la colle dans une structure colle tricouche, soumis a ‘ Romanian Journal of Physics’
10. C. Popa, J.L. Izbicki, L. Georgesc ‘Angular resonances of a trilayer bonded structure; presented at “World Year of physics 2005”
11. C. Popa, J.L. Izbicki, L. Georgescu ‚’ The vibration of a three-layers structure analyes with the S Matrix formalism’; 11-TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON VIBRATION ENGINEERING 2005

Additional information:

Computational Skills:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Windows (3.0, 3.1, ’95, ’98, 2000);
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Programming Languages: Fortran 77, Turbo Pascal; Fox-Pro, C++, MatLab, Matematica
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Text Processing: Word Perfect, Word; Excel

Foreign languages: French – very good; English – good

Contact information:

  wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) E-mail address:;
  wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Tel: +40.21.490 84 12; fax: +40.21.490 82 38
  wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Mailing address: 32B, Erou Iancu Nicolae Street, R-72996, Bucharest, ROMANIA


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