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First name: Claudia
Surname: Roman
Date and place of birth: June 24,1979; Ploiesti, Prahova

    - Oct. 2004 - present: PhD studies at Faculty of Materials Science, University “Politehnica” of Bucharest
    - Oct. 2002 - July 2003: M. Sc. in Composite Materials, Faculty of Industrial Chemistry, University “Politehnica” of Bucharest.
    - Diplomat engineer in Materials Science, Faculty of Engineering Taught in Modern Languages, English stream, University “Politehnica” of Bucharest, 2002
    - Feb. - Jul. 2001: Studies at the “Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona” (Spain), Faculty of Sciences, Physics Department, as part of the Erasmus program

Professional experience:
    - scientific: biomaterials, composite materials
    - project management in national and European programmes (FP6)

April 2002 – present: National Institute for Microtechnology IMT-Bucharest, (research assistant; scientific researcher)

Stages abroad:

Present position: Scientific Researcher

Research interests: biomaterials, devices for bio-medical applications

Past and current projects:
    - “Virtual Centre for Research in NANOtechnologies for new MATerials and FABrication processes” (NANOMATFAB), MATNANTECH program, 2003-2005
    - “Advanced technologies for manufacturing of MEMS devices based on Diamond-like Carbon layers, with biomedical applications” (BIOMEMS-DLC), MATNANTECH National programme, 2004-2006
    - “Integrated Research Network Devoted to Nanobiotechnology for Health – Romanian Nanomedicine Network” (RO-NANOMED), CEEX MATNANTECH programme, 2005-2008
    - “PROmotion of Romanian competences for the European co-operation in micro-nano-BIOSYStems" (PRO-BIOSYS), CEEX programme, 2006-2007
    - “ROManian Inventory and NETworking for Integration in ERA” (ROMNET-ERA), Specific Support Action, FP6, priority: General, 2004-2007
    - “MIcro and NAnotechnologies going to EASTern Europe through NETworking” (MINAEAST-NET), Specific Support Action, FP6, priority: General, 2004-2006
    - “MIcro-NaNOSystems EUROpean NETwork pursuing the integration of NMS and ACC in ERA” (MINOS-EURONET), Specific Support Action, FP6, IST priority, 2005-2008
    - “European scale infrastructure in Nanobiotechnology” (EuroNanoBio), Support Action, NMP theme, FP7, 2009

Recent scientific publications:
    - “Reliability tests of for system-on-chip devices”, B. Firtat, C. Enoiu (Roman), G. Delovsky, Proceedings International Conference CAS 2004, Sinaia, Romania, pp. 471-474
    - “Cryptography methods using the RSA algorithm”, B. Firtat, C. Roman, C. Lupu, Special REASON session "Hardware software co-design for intelligent systems", International Conference CAS 2004, Sinaia, Romania
    - "Nanostructured zironia composites stabilized with CeO2 for biomedical applications", C.Enoiu (Roman), A.Volceanov, E.Volceanov, R.Gavrila, Romanian Journal of Physics, Vol. 49, Nos. 9-10, 2004, pp. 777-787
    - “Characterization of ceramics belonging to ZrO2-CeO2-SrO ternary system”, Claudia Enoiu (Roman), Adrian Volceanov, Eniko Volceanov, Raluca Gavrila, Gabriela Conache, Petru Niţă, Proceedings International Conference CAS 2003, Sinaia, Romania, pp. 339-342

Member of professional associations:

Additional information:
    - Patent “Implantable microtip for bioimpedance measurements, in CMOS technology, using DLC layers”, C. Moldovan, R. Iosub, B. Firtat, C. Roman, 2006

Foreign languages: English

Contact information: claudia.roman[at]



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