• WLI - White Light Interferometer [...]
    Contact person: Dr. Alexandru Muller
  • VNA - Upgrade to 110GHz on wafer Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) module [...]
    Contact person: Dr. Alina Cismaru
  • Spectrum analyzer (<10MHz) 40GHz upgrade to 110 GHz with external mixers. [...]
    Contact person: Fiz. Dan Vasilache

The laboratory offers:

WLI - The white light interferometer (WLI) perform optical, non-contact profiling of rough surfaces, that uses interferometric techniques as well as digital signal processing algorithms to produce fast, accurate, repeatable two and three-dimensional surface profile measurements.
Principle of measurements:

  • White light interferometry
  • Phase shift interferometry;
  • Stroboscopic interferometry
  • 0.1 nm rms z resolution, 0.3 la 4.7 µm rms x resolution
  • 3D topography and profilometry , roughness measurement, transparent thin films thickness measurement
  • vertical measurement domain: 400 µm; 
  • horizontal measurement domain, 8.6 x 6, depending of the objective
  • Objectives: Michaelson (2,5x, 5x), Mirau (10x, 20x, 50x), Linnik (10x, 20x, 100x)
  • Ilumination source: Koller (Microsurf 3D) and LED (PhotoMap3D, ZoomSurf3D)
  • multi-reflectivity (5%,25%,50%,85%)
  • Work station: Pentium sau Athlon cu ecran plat 17"
  • Software: FOGALE 3D
  • MEMS solutions: vibrations measurements for MEMS or MOEMS systems

Upgrade to 110GHz on wafer Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) module

The VNA permits the characterisation in 0.1 - 110 GHz frequency domain by measuring the following parameters:

  • S prameters (module and phase
  • Quality factor
  • Frequency of resonance for different pasive circuits
  • Radiation characteristics for antenna
  • Insertion losses for microwave and milimeter wave devices

Can be deteminate using S parameters the following coeficients:

  • reflexion coeficient
  • characteristic impedance
  • input impedane
  • dielectric constant
  • relative permittivity εr
  • loss tangent tg(δ)

Technical specifications:

  • Broadband frequency test set , 0.1 - 110 GHz
  • Mux Coupler to On-Wafer Probes Cable
  • Flexibility and expandability,
  • Calibration Software (CS)

Spectrum analyzer (<10MHz) 40GHz upgrade to 110 GHz with external mixers.

Spectrum analyser is an esential equipment for high frequency circuits characterisation and communications channels analysis.

Tehnical specifications:

  • Narrow resolution bandwidth measurements
  • Low noise - tipical <-143 dBm
  • Modulation order 3:< -30 dBm
  • Modulation order 2: < -45 dBm
  • High speed time domain sweep
  • Sweep signal output
  • Mixers for spectrum analyzer 40-110GHz
  • Interconnection cables
  • Any other option will be appreciated