Applications of substrate integrated waveguide structures for measuring the permittivity of dielectric materials in microwave domain - SIWcell


The goal of this project will be achieved through the awareness of three main objectives:
Objective 1: Development of a cell model intended for the measurement of dielectric permittivity of liquid and solid materials, using SIW structures as transmission media and specific devices in order to avoid the propagation outside the measuring cell.

Objective 2: The design and realization of a scalar measurement system that enables the analysis of the amplitude variation of reflected and/or transmitted signals by the measuring cell (depending on the optimally chosen model for a certain category of dielectric materials), in order to be able to determine the properties of the analyzed material. About 5 to 6 GHz frequency range coverage was already tested, with a possible bandwidth increase up to 4 - 7 GHz based on minor changes of the system. The limiting factor is only the measuring cell, because it has a limited bandwidth.

Objective 3: Development of an electromagnetic model for the measuring cell that can provide a proper processing of the experimental results in order to determine with high accuracy the permittivity of the measured sample.