The medium term strategy of the institute has been put forward in 2006. The institute intends to consolidate its role as a technological pole in the micronano- biotechnologies domain, facilitating a concentration of research efforts on national level, but also providing a direct and efficient interaction with companies and with educational activities, respectively (especially M.Sc. and Ph.D. studies).

IMT intends to play a role at the regional level and become part of the system of technological centres at the European level. Therefore, the objectives are:

(a) to become a centre of excellence in research and development related to the integration/convergence of technologies (micro-nanobio- technologies);
(b) to function as a “technological pole”, by using the facilities such as “clean room” spaces and the whole complex of equipments and computing technique to provide a platform of interaction of the Romanian research with industry and education;
(c) to pursue the technology transfer and innovation, by developing a “cluster” of organizations either providing or using the knowledge and the technologies in the domain; the main instrument will be represented by the Science and Technology Park, whereas the Centre for technology transfer will provide some services in the park, including brokerage activities.

Various actions are considered in order to achieve the above objectives:

    • increasing the quality of scientific research and their utilization through publications (especially ISI) and patents
    • recruiting and training of personnel, including the participation to common educational activities with universities
    • promoting spin-off activities at institutes from universities and from the institute itself
    • focusing and continuation of cooperation activities at European level having as the main aim participation to FP7
    • establishing partnerships with a few European institutes working in the same field
    • defining and constructing a regional role) for the institute, as a technological pole
    • strengthening the national networks with IMT as contact point, especially with respect to the interaction with the European technological platforms of nanoelectronics, nanomedicine and nanophotonics, respectively
    • increase the critical mass of the offer for knowledge, technologies and products in the domain, by developing the network of technological transfer, containing providers and users of knowledge and technologies
    • installing new equipments and increasing their versatility
    • structuring and expanding the scientific and technological services offered by the institute, complementary to the ones
      available at European level
    • assuring contact points and also offices for equipments manufacturing companies
    • involvement in regional development through projects for structural funding (UE)


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Last update: March 31, 2006