Programme for Research-Development-Innovation on Space Technology and Advanced Research – STAR
(Romanian Space Agency)


1. Concept development

  • theoretical and experimental investigation of detection principles in graphene-based devices using the test structures and advanced characterization techniques
  • theoretical and experimental investigation of techniques for the improvement of detection; we will apply in parallel alternative methodologies (2 approaches):
      •   plasmonic enhancement
      •   graphene/quantum-dot photodetectors

The concept development will be supplemented by rigorous modelling and device analysis for component optimisation and exploitation purposes.

2. Process development, including

  • material investigation, development of new synthesis routes for obtaining solution processable graphene based functionalized materials with controllable optical and electrical properties (i.e. carrier mobility, opened and tunable band-gap,
  • process flow design and development of individual process steps (nano-patterning, functionalization, layer assembly and packaging)

3. Realization of demonstrative structures

4. Characterization and demonstration of the functionality

  • microphysical characterization of materials, thin layers (during the technology process)  and devices
  • functional characterization
    • optoelectrical characterization to obtain spectral responsivity, dark current, linearity, NEP, variation of the opto-electrical parameters with the temperature.
    • reliability tests  to verify the behaviour in aerospace applications of photodetectors based on new thin film semiconductors.