Programme for Research-Development-Innovation on Space Technology and Advanced Research – STAR
(Romanian Space Agency)

Project description

  • MICRO-CPVS is the short name of MICRO-CONCENTRATOR with Photo Voltaic Cell Systems designated for all space applications including an innovative design system architecture and system assembly based on the patented micro-technologies.
  • MICRO-CPVS is characterized here by compact mini point focus systems based on the new families of high efficiency hetero-junction solar cells that are currently operating at very high concentration, in order to dilute the high cost of such devices. This level of concentration imposes a limitation on the size of these devices for thermal reasons.
  • In summary, proposal of the hetero-junction MICRO-CPVS cell require specific quality control and also the special encapsulating arrangement suitable for a low cost manufacturing considered as a “Compact micro“ type of the standard reference for the photo voltaic concentrators.
  • This MICRO-CPVS project for space technology developments is set for Phase 1a (Q1-14) of joint AST and TASF joint industrial request to support the emergence of a key and promising technologies call on the improvements of the Next Generation European GEO telecommunication satellites competitiveness related to introduction and developments of the innovative technologies to support an increased performance efficiency, a mass reduction and increased reliability.

General objectives of this project development

  • Designing of micro-textured surface for solar concentrator based on photovoltaic cell structure with high efficiency of conversion (designing of the structure, the work masks, and technological chard);
  • Identification and technological implementing of the light concentrator technique on the micro-textured surfaces;
  • Redefining the technology for the MICRO-CPVS functional model accomplishment.

Specific call objectives addressed by the project

  • The project is addressing the specific objectives of the STAR call for participation to some of the ESA operational programs such as: robotic exploration space programs, SSA Space Situational Awareness; Next GEO telecommunication satellites, Earth observation (including GMES), and technological research;
  • Development of breakthrough technologies, systems, instruments and equipments for space, aeronautics, for security and connected domains; and
  • Micro-satellites manufacturing.