To obtain some monocrystalline piezoelectric substrates or some nano or micro structured layers of piezoelectric materials for obtain an optimal response of micro sensors (sensibility, selectivity and minimal chemical reaction to interaction with antigens and antibody);
The projection a micro sensors family with different geometries (lay-out) optimized for improvement of sensors sensibility. We will try to realize a matrix structure witch can to separate Mycobacterium in the two critical forms for human (tuberculosis and bovis);
Technology realization – the projection of individual technological process and technological flow;
Experiments for show the reaction between species- specifically antigens – antibody and optimization the answer;
Developed the technologies for deposition and characterization of imunodetection layers and technological compatibility (with the preceding micro sensors structure);
Developed the technologies for realization of integrated signal analysis – by lay-out or by MCM hybrid ( characterization and testing);
Developed of methodology for testing (in liquid or gaseous medium) and results interpretation and recover of structure after remove the sensitive layer;
Developed a calibration method and to check up the reproducible of the analysis;
Each of the objectives is finishing with an experimental model / prototypes. This will be to homologate and/or experimented for demonstrated the functionality (after case). We will realize the brevetting of original results. We will realize the study for technological transfer. We will elaborate the product/technology standard, minim for layers and micro sensors;
Forming an technological and scientifically cluster for piezoelectric microsensors witch content al the consortium and after the event to extend in all of Romanian Euro region;
Initiation the technological transfer (prefer spin-off) for realization an end product of material/ device;
A project for PC7 programmes;
To come in the platform with the same area, and also in the programs from UE and NATO for deprecate the tuberculosis.