European Centre of Excellence in
Microwave, Millimetre Wave and Optical Devices, based on
Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems for
Advanced Communication Systems and Sensors




Participation in FP7 and FP7 related calls proposals (winning in red)

  • STREP SPACE Call 2 (FP7-SPACE-2009-1) “Microwave nitride novel technologies for advanced tunable and reconfigurable satellite- MINOTAUROS”Coordinator: Thales Alenia Space, France;Partners: FORTH and NKUA Greece, IMT Romania, LAAS-CNRS and FEMTO-ST France, AZZURO Germany, EPFL Switzerland.
  • STREP ICT Call 2 (FP7-ICT-2007-2) “Carbon nanotube based smart systems for wireless applications – NANOTEC”Coordinator: Thales Research and Technology, France;Partners: EPFL Switzerland, Cambridge Univ. UK, FORTH and NTX Greece, IMT Romania, LAAS-CNRS and TAS France, Uppsala Univ. Sweden,
  • ENIAC Call 2008 (ENIAC-2008-1) “Micro and nano technologies based on wide band gap materials for future transmitting receiving and sensing systems – NEPTUNE” Coordinator: Thales Research and Technology, France;11 partners from: Greece, Romania, France, Germany and Poland,
  • ENIAC Call 2008 (ENIAC-2008-1) “Nanoelectronics for Safe, Fuel Efficient and Environment Friendly Automotive Solutions - SE2A”Coordinator: NXP Semiconductors Netherlands BV;21 partners from:  Netherland Greece, Romania, Hungary, Poland,, Portugal, Sweden; Financed MNT ERA-NET (call 2009) "MEMS Based Millimetrewave Imaging System- MEMIS" Coordinator; LAAS Toulouse; Partners: LAAS, IMT, VTT, 31 Degree Project proposed to be financed (1 Oct 2009)
  • ENIAC (Call 2009), (ENIAC-2009-1) “Harvest Ambient RF energy Via novel Seebeck (thermoelectric) nanostructures – HARVEST”Coordinator; LAAS Toulouse; Partners: LAAS, IMT, FORTH, Technical Univ Darmstadt, Novamems SA, France, Cidete Ingenerios Spain, Panco, Physics Technology, Development and Consulting GmbH, Germany
  • Large-scale integrating collaborative project Proposal for NMP-2009-4.0-3  “Mass Produced Lab-on-a-Chip Platform for Early Diagnosis of Diseases (ProChip)”Coordinator: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft  zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V.
  • SME- Targeted Collaborative call NMP-2009-4.0-5 “High Density and Multi-Dimensional Digital Representation and Simulation of Physically Manufactured Tools, Parts and Processes for Knowledge-Based Design Optimisation (DIMENSIONS)”Coordinator: NECO Spain
  • MANUNET ERA-NET Project “Advanced Life-Cycle Tool Performance Characterisation for Optimisation Composite Machining Process” Coordinator: Datapixel- Spain
  • MNT ERA-NET (call 2009) “ Multifunctional Zinc oxide-based nanostructures: from materials to a new generation of devices-MULTINANOWIRES“ Coordinator: CEMIMAT/I3N,FCT-UNL, Portugal; partners, Dunarea de Jos Univ Galati, IMTBucharest Project proposed to be finaced (1 Oct 2009)