High temperature furnace Carbolite


Technical characteristics:

Maximum operating temperature 1500°C, temperature controller with 8 segment pairs, each a ramp and a dwell, operating programs - storage. Chamber capacities: 2,9 L. Heating elements: 4 silicon carbide - Powerful silicon carbide elements located on both sides of the chamber ensure good thermal uniformity. Silicon carbide elements can withstand the stress of everyday operation and provide good longevity. Hardwearing refractory brick in chamber  entrance and hearth provide good  resistance to abrasion. Elsewhere, lightweight ceramic fibre  insulation is used which ensures good energy efficiency and rapid heating. Vertical counter-balanced door keeps hot door insulation away from operator. Postive break door safety  switch isolates chamber from power supply, when the door is opened. Double skinned construction allows convection air flow to cool the outer case, to conform to EN61010 safety standard.

Fields of utilization:

High temperature furnace can be used for sintering, annealing, desintegration, etc.
Example: applications in the semi-conductor field include annealing silicon, silicon carbide & nitride samples and solid state synthesis. Ceramics field include disintegration, long term high temperature tests and firing & sintering of ceramic samples.


YAG nanopowder

ZnO nanopowder

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Last update: January 25, 2012