ESA (European Space Agency) projects

"Microwave filters based on GaN/Si SAW resonators, operating at frequencies above 5GHz"

ESA Contract No. 4000115202/15/NL/Cbi, 2015- 2017;
Contact person: Dr. Alexandru Muller ([email protected])

0-level encapsulation of reliable MEMS switch structures for RF applications

ESA Contract No. 4000110819/14/NL/CBi, 21st April 2014- 2017;
Prime Contractor: National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies- IMT Bucharest.
Technical objectives:

- design and manufacturing of MEMS switch structures for K-band to W-band (20-110GHz);
- the development of the encapsulation method of MEMS switch structures.

Contact person: Dr. Dan Vasilache([email protected])

PROBA-3 Coronagraph System

FQ/3-13899/13/NL/GLC, July- November 2014 Bridging Phase; Ianuary  2015- starting the project
Prime Contractor: Centre Spatial de Liège  (
Subcontractor for OPSE: National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies - IMT Bucharest (
Supplier ROMAERO (
IMT-Bucharest responsible partner for “Occulter Position Sensor Emitters Heads”
Contact person:  Dr. Eng. Ileana Cernica, [email protected]

Atypical reliability tests
  ESA Contract No IPL-PTS-CBI-L-2015-944, January 2016- January 2018
Contact person: Dragos Varsescu ([email protected])




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