BILATERAL COOPERATION (Inter-guvernamental and Inter-academic)

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  Cooperation with with Belgium (Coopération scientifique avec Wallonie Bruxelles, Belgique) (2016-2018)

„Stratégies innovantes de micro- et nano-fabrication et études théoriques pour une meilleure conception et pour l’optimisation des cellules solaires organiques plasmoniques”
Université catholique de Louvain -UCL
Project director: Dr. Titus Sandu (L9)

  Cooperation with Bulgaria (Bilateral Inter-academic Cooperation Romania - Bulgaria) (2013-2015)
  "Nanostructured and amorphous semiconductor films for sensors application"
Bulgarian Academy, Institute of Solid State Physics
Project director: Dr. Adrian Dinescu (L6)

BILATERAL COOPERATION (Inter-guvernamental)

  Cooperation with Ukraine (National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute") (2016-2017)

"New photosensitive materials based on silicon films with various rare-earth metals for sensors and optoelectronic devices applications” / („Noi materiale fotosensibile pe baza de siliciu dopat cu pamanturi rare cu aplicatii in domeniul senzorilor si dispozitivelor optoelectronice”)
Project director: Dr. Mihaela Kusko (L1)

  Cooperation with France (Institut polytechnique de Grenoble-INP: Grenoble-INP), PN-III P3-3.1-PM-EN-FR-2016 (2016-2017)

"Senzor ADN pe substrat tip SOI- BIS-SOI / DNA Bio sensing with Silicon-on-Insulator Substrates - BIS-SOI"
Competition bilateral cooperation Romania - France (Integrated Action Program Brancusi) Competition:
Project director: Dr.Monica Simion (L1)

  Cooperation with South Africa (2016-2017)

"Power Amplifiers at mm-Wave Frequencies" ("Amplificatoare de putere pentru frecvente in domeniul undelor milimetrice")
Partener Africa de Sud: Saurabh Sinha, University of Johannesburg (UJ), Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment
Project director: Dr. Alexandru Muller (L4)


Cooperation Franta – Singapore – Romania (2015-2017)


„Kinetically-controlled assembly of DNA-based nanoparticles by microfluidic device for gene delivery applications” , No. 6662
Coordonator: Guillaume Tresset, Program de finantare: CNRS PICS
IMT responsible: Dr. Catalin Marculescu

  Cooperation with Moldova (2016-2018)

Sinapse artificiale bazate pe membrane ultrafine din GaN

Project director: Dr. Mircea Dragoman (L4)

  Cooperation with Belgia (University of Liege) (2017-2018)
  "Evolutionary computation and high performance computing for automatic optimization and design of MicroElectroMechanical Systems / Calcul evolutionist si de inalta performanta pentru optimizarea si proiectarea automata a sistemelor microelectromecanice (EchoMEMS)"

Responsabil: Michael Kraft, University of Liege,
Coordonator Ro: Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti, Responsabil: Dr. Anton Duca
Partener Ro: IMT, Responsabil: Alexandra Stefanescu



Cooperation with Argentina (2013-2014)
  „Development of analytical methods based on supramolecular systems to detect and quantify nanomaterials"/("Dezvoltarea unor metode analitice bazate pe sisteme supramoleculare in vederea detectiei si cuantificarii de nanomateriale") DAMS
Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina

Project director: Dr. Mihaela Kusko (L1)
  Cooperation with Slovakia (2011-2013)
  "Time and stress degradation phenomena in lead-free solder joints" ("Fenomene de degradare in timp si cu nivelul de solicitare la lipituri efectuate cu materiale fara plumb, in cazul placilor de cablaje imprimate" (PCB)), DEGRAJOINT, , Technical University Kosice
Project director: Dr. Marius Bazu (L7)
  Cooperation with Japonia (2011-2012)
  "Experiment and Modeling of Physical Processes in Porous Silicon/Metal Systems" ("Procese experimentale si modelari computationale ale proceselor fizice in sisteme de tip siliciu poros/metale")
Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University
Project director: Dr. Rodica Plugaru (L5)
  Cooperation with Moldova (2010-2012)
  "Biochenmical sensors based on porous InP, polymers and nanoparticles, obtained by MEMS/MOEMS techniques for optical and electical measurements in real time" (Senzori bio-chimici bazaþi pe pelicule poroase de InP, polimeri si nanoparticule metalice, realizazi cu tehnici MEMS/MOEMS pentru masuratori electrice si optice în timp real").MEMS/MOEMS
Institute of Applied Physics, Academy of Science of Moldova
Project director: Dr. Raluca Muller (L5)
  Cooperation with Korea (2010-2012)
  "Acoustic devices and energy harvesting devices based on piezoelectric materials" ("Dispozitive acustice si de recuperare a energiei bazate pe straturi subtiri de materiale piezoelectrice") KOROM
KERI Changwon South Korea
Project director: Dr. Alexandru Muller (L4)
Web page:
  Cooperation with South Africa (2008-2011)

"Millimetre-Wave Radio System Front-end" ("Front End pentru un Sistem Radio in Unde Milimetrice") FERAMI
Univ Pretoria
South Africa
Project director: Dr. Alexandru Muller (L4)
Web page:

  Cooperation with France (2008-2010)
  "Development of plasmonic biosensor based on metals- silicon nanoassemblies" ("Dezvoltarea unui biosenzor plasmonic pe baza unuor nano-ansambluri metale-siliciu"), BIOSENS,
Institute for Nanoscience – Paris, France
Project director: Dr. Irina Kleps (L1)
  Cooperation with Italia - XV Protocollo di Cooperazione Scientifica e Technologica (2006 – 2008)
  "Electromagnetic band gap, materials and devices for microwave and millimeter wave applications", EMBG
M2T - Microwave Microsystem Technology, Roma, Italy
Project director: Dr. Gheorghe Sajin (L4)


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