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First name: Maria
Surname: Cimpoca
Date and place of birth: March 20, 1949

1967 -1972 Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Faculty of Industrial Chemistry with speciality “Silicate technology and oxide compounds”
1984 -1985 Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Faculty of Chemistry, Master of Science, speciality “Characterization of material and QC”

Professional experience:
passive components technology;
components technology;
assembly technology and electrochemical coatings;

October – December 198 - Assembly technology, Italy;
January – April 1982- Coating technology electrochemical, Italy;
1989 - Technologies for manufacturing, processing and acceptance scales for IC assembly, Poland

Present position: engineer, National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies (IMT-Bucharest), Laboratory of Ambiental Technology

Past and current projects:
National MATNANTECH Programm:
DERAM, “a, b, g integrated on silicon sensors for environmental natural contamination”, (2001-2004);
MISTERF, “Advanced MCM Technologies for RF Applications”, (2002-2005);
MONTESAGRA, ““Advanced technologies for multifunctional microtransducers on monocrystalline piezoelectrical substrate with application on testing and monitoring of crops quality”, (2003-2005);
FINAMAT, “Advanced manufacturing technologies for specific nanomaterials dedicated to ligno-cellulose composite used in furniture industry finishing processes applications”, (2004-2006)
MATRIX-LA, “New manufacturing technologies for micromatrix with white light emission for indoor illuminate systems applications”, (2004 -2006);
MICROTECH, “Technologies of realization of thermoelectric microgenerators with nanometric films” (2004-2006)
OPTOLUM, “Luminescence materials for optoelectronic devices”, (2005-2008)
DIGIDECOR, “Obtaining of nanopigments for vitreous digitized decorative coatings”, (2006-2008)
RELANSIN Programm:
FOTOPIN, “PIN photodetector micromatrix for optical cable communication manufacturing technology”, (2000-2002)
LASAB, “Laser micromanufacturing technology of materials using high power laser ablation”, (2000-2002)
PRIORITAR, “Strategy and implementation plan: traditional industry restructuring of electronic components in the context of development create a new in Europe knowledge based economy”, (2002-2004)
TETASME, “Manufacturing technology a flat - panel type membrane keypad to fit geometry”, (2003-2006)
MULTIMATCON, “Scientific network for integrated development of multifunctional materials for constructions knowledge-based”, (2005-2008)
PERFOR-MAT-CIM, “Generating new knowledge on high-performance materials cimentoide with limestone addition, environmental and economic”, (2006-2008)
National CEEXProgramm:
NANOAMBIENT, “Advanced nanocomposites materials used in civil constructions with antibacterial, self-cleaning properties and solar energy concentrators integrated structures for ambiental improvement”, (2005 -2008);
MICROSYSOIL, “On-line monitoring of drilling for sustainable management of oil resources using integrated Microsystems”, (2005 -2008);
MICROBALERT, “New technologies for achieving microbiosensors for real time detecting and monitoring tuberculosis in groups with increased risk potential”, (2006 -2008);
UVNANOMAT, “UV nanomaterials with special multifunctional, for decorative and dental applications” (2006-2008)
MINAFOR-RO, “Micro and nanotechnologies in forestry-first Romanian attempt”, (2006 -2008);
RO-MAT-ERA, “Advanced materials - from research to national integration in the European area of research” (2006-2008)
National PNCDI 2 Programm:
NANOPROTECT, “Wood- polymer composite with components of nanostructured materials and nanosensors for improvement of indoor environment”, (2007 -2010);
PIEZOSENZ, “Piezoelectric microsensors system, 3D integrated, for multiparameter measurement, analysis and control”, (2007 -2010);
AQUAPROTECT, “Areas of micro/nanosensors of threshold for the detection in real time of aquatic medium contamination with chemical agents”, (2008 -2010);
AGRICOLA, “Areas of multifunctional microtraductors based on piezoelectrical monocrystaline substrate for monitoring the conditions for stocking of cereals and/or industrial plants in small silos/ farms”, (2008 -2010).

Main scientific publication:
V. Cimpoca, I. Bancuta, Gh. Brezeanu, Ileana Cernica, Maria Cimpoca, M.Petre, “physics and modeling of termoelectric microgenerators”, 5-7 July 2005 International Balkan Workshop on Applied Physics, Constanta, Romania
Gh. V. Cimpoca, I. Bancuta, Maria Cimpoca, Ileana Cernica, Gh. Brezeanu, “Thermoelectric microgenerators with nanometric films”, Scientific session with international participation, Sibiu, 25-26 november 2004
V. Cimpoca, I.Bancuta, Gh. Brezeanu, Ileana Cernica, Maria Cimpoca, “New materials for thermoelectric microgenerators”, International Conference of the Balkan Physical Union, 22-26 august 2006 Istanbul, Turkey.
Ileana Cernica, Maria Cimpoca, Alina Matei, Vasilica Schiopu, “Nanomaterials - civil engineering applications and wood based products for habitual well being”, Scientific Session: Applied Sciences and Environmental Study Materials, paper accepted for published
I. Bancuta, V. Cimpoca, I.V. Popescu, A. Gheboianu, M. Cimpoca, C. Stihi, Gh. Brezeanu, ”Thermoelectric generator with polycrystalline silicon material”, Scientific Session: Applied Sciences and Environmental Study Materials, paper accepted for published.

Additional information: computer skills


Foreign languages: English, French

Contact information: maria.cimpoca[at], phone: 004.021.490.84.12/20, fax: 004.021.4908238



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