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First name: Irina Alexandra
Surname: Kleps
Date and place of birth: July 20, 1949 Bucharest

Education : 1973 M.Sc. Chemistry Eng. Dept., Polytechnic University of Bucharest
1998 Ph.D. in chemistry, doctoral thesis: "Thin films used in microelectronics”

Professional experience:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Silicon chemistry; research/technology of silicon devices; gas sensors;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) New processes (CVD processes using liquid organosiliconic precursors; a-SiC) and new materials (porous silicon);
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Micro- and nanoelectrode arrays used as working electrode for pollution control in liquid media by cyclic voltammetry measurements
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Microphysical and compositional characterisation of surfaces and interfaces: SEM, AFM, SIMS, XPS, IR.


wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Nov. 1973-Nov. 1996: Institute of Research for Electronic Components (ICCE)- engineer; researcher
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) 1996-present: National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies (IMT-Bucharest); Centre of Nanotechnologies

Stages abroad:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) 1993(3 months):research stage, University of Padova, Physics Dept.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) 1996(4 months):research stage, ICTIMA CNR Padova
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) 1996(1 month), 1997(1 month): research stages, University of Madrid, Physics Dept.

Present position: Head of the Centre of Nanotechnologies, IMT-Bucharest

Research interests: nanomaterials, nanostructures, nanotechnology, new materials and technological development for biological applications; microchemistry

Past and current projects:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) “Selective growth of carbon nanotubes on silicon nanoelectrode array”, Bilateral Romanian-French “Brancusi” Project ( 2003-2005);
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) “Metallics” (Fabrication of nanoelectrodes), Enhancing Microtechnological Education of young Researchers through Guest Experiments (EMERGE), Program: Improving Human Potential Transnational Access to Research Infrastructures. "Contract No.: HPRI-CT-1999-00023: (2000- 2001);
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) “Si-based light emitting devices for optical interconnects” INCO-COPERNICUS Project 7037 (1998-2000), co-ordinator of the Romanian group;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) “DLC layers, preparation, characterisation and applications”, Bilateral Romanian-Spanish Project; (1998-2000);
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) “Centre of Excellence in Nanotechnology -NANOTEH”, National RELANSIN Program, Romanian Project Director: (2001-2004);
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) “Technology of nanoelectrode (NE) fabrication based on chemical vapour deposition processes” and “New architecture of nanoelectrodes for pollution control in liquid media”, Romanian–Italian projects; (1998-2000; 2001-2002);
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) “Porous silicon for biological and pharmaceutical applications”, Bilateral Romanian-Greek Proiect (2000-2002);
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) “Consultance center for nanotechnologies, nanomaterials and nanostructures” - National MATNANTECH Program (2001-2004);
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) “Microchip for DNA identification” MATNANTECH National Program (2003- 2005 );
“Nanostructurated silicon membranes for pharmaceutical microdevices”, MATNANTECH National Program (2003- 2005 );
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) “Microsystems for controlled drug delivery”, MATNANTECH National Program (2003- 2005 );
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) “Silicon lab-on-chip for biomedical applications”, National “Nucleu” Program (2003- 2005 );
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) “Technology to obtain nanostructurated materials by physico- chemical techniquesfor microsystems applications”, National
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) “Nucleu” Program (2003- 2005 );
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) “Dielectrophoretic microdevice for size separation of functional biological molecules”, National “Nucleu” Program (2003- 2005);
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) “Porous silicon matrix for bio-medical applications” – MATNANTECH National Program (2001-2004);
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) “Bio-chip for electrochemical activity of biological media” - MATNANTECH National Program (2001-2002);
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) “Detection and analysis of heavy metals from rivers, lakes and Danube Delta” - National R&D Program (2000-2002);
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Member of NANOTECHNET and CENOBITE National networks with activities in "nano/bio" fields.

Recent scientific publications:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) I. Kleps, A. Angelescu, M. Miu, F. Craciunoiu, T. Ignat, M. Simion, “Nanostructurated silicon elements for Lab-on- chip applications”, Nanotech Insight 2005, feb. 20- 25, 2005, p. 79- 80, Luxor, Egypt;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) M. Miu, I. Kleps, A. Angelescu, M. Simion - “Electrochemical sensors for heavy metals detection”, Intern. J Environ. Anal. Chem., VOL 85, in press 2005;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) I. Kleps, “Electrochemical nanoelectrodes”, in Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, H. S. Nalwa, (Ed.), American Scientific Plubishers, 793- 817, 2004;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) M. Miu, I. Kleps, A. Angelescu, , A. Bragaru, T. Ignat, M. Simion, “Porous Silicon- a nanostructurated biomaterial”, Advances in Micro and Nanoengineering, Editura Academiei, Seria: “Micro and Nanoengineering”, eds. Irina Kleps, Dan Dascalu si Jose Kenny, 2004;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) A. Angelescu, I. Kleps, M. Miu, M. Simion, S. Petrescu, C. Paduraru, A. Raducanu, “Thin carbon layers on nanostructurated silicon- properties and applications”, in “Frontiers of Multifunctional Integrated Nanosystems”, Kluwer Academic Plubishers, 2004, 197- 204;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) A. Angelescu, I. Kleps, M. Miu, L. Zdrentu, S. Petrescu, M. Simion, A. Bragaru, T. Neghina -“Nanostructured silicon: from material to devices for biomedical applications”, “Nanoscience and Nanotechnology” 4, Heron Press, Sofia, 2004, pp 280-283;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Irina Kleps, Oana Tatiana Nedelcu, Monica Simion,Anca Angelescu, Mihaela Miu, “ Design and electro- thermal simulation for PCR silicon chip”, CAS 2004 Proceedings, vol.2 (397- 400);
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) M. L. Ciurea, M. Draghici, L. Jdira, V. Iancu, M. R. Mitroi, I. Kleps, A. Angelescu, M. Miu, M. Simion - „Surface Contribution To The Trapping Phenomena In Nanocrystalline Silicon Structures”, “Advances in Micro and Nanoengineering”, Romanian Academy Editure, Series in “Micro and Nanoengeenering”, editori Irina Kleps, Dan Dascalu si Jose Kenny, 2004, pp. 89-110.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) A. Angelescu, I. Kleps, M. Miu, M. Simion, T. Ignat, S. Petrescu, N. Moldovan, C. Paduraru, A. Raducanu, Rev. Adv. Mat. Sci. 5 (2003), 440- 449;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) I. Kleps, A. Angelescu, , M. Miu, M. Simion, A. Bragaru, M. Avram, T. Tsakalakos et al. (eds), 639- 648, “Nanostructures: Synthesis, Functional Properties and Applications, 2003, Kluwer Academic Plubisher;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) M. Miu, A. Angelescu I. Kleps, , M. Simion, A. Bragaru, T. Neghina, M. Modreanu, D. Iacopino, P. Rosengrave, “Porous silicon as mineral microreservoir”, vol. 1, 26th edition, 28 sept.- 2 oct., 2003, p. 99-102;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Irina Kleps, Anca Angelescu, Marioara Avram, Mihaela Miu, Monica Simion, “Nanostructures of pyramidal shape, technology and applications”, Microelectronic Engineering 61-62 (2002) 675-680;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Irina Kleps, Anca Angelescu, Mihaela Miu, Marioara Avram, Monica Simion, “Measurement systems based on metal / dielectric nanostructures for electrochemical analyses”, Materials Science and Engineering C19 (2002) 219-223;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) I. Kleps, A. Angelescu, M. Miu, M. Simion, “Nanoelectrodes on Silicon for Electrochemical Applications”, Abstracts of NATO-ASI Nanostructures, Synthesis, Functional Properties and Applications, The Knossos Royal Village, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, July 2002;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) I. Kleps, et all, “Nano- and microelectrode arrays on silicon for heavy metal detection in liquid media”, in NANOSCIENCE AND NANOENGINEERING, Editors: E. Andronescu, D. Dascalu, L. Pavesi, I.Kleps, (Romanian Academy), 2002;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) M. Miu, I. Kleps, A. Angelescu, M. Simion, A. Bragaru, "Optical and structural characterization of silicon nanocrystallite embedded in silicon oxide films", NATO-ARW "Towards the first silicon laser", September 21-26, 2002, Trento, Italy;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) I.Kleps, A. Angelescu, “Investigation of Al-a Si1-xCx interface”, Surface Science 482-485 (2001) 771-775;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) I. Kleps, A. Angelescu, M. Miu, “Preparation and Characterisation of Metallic Thin Films for Electroluminescent Devices Based on Porous Silicon”, in "Nanostructured Films and Coatings", Edited by Gan-Moog Chow & all, NATO Science Series, Series 3. High Technology – Vol.78, p. 337-345, 2000;

Member of professional associations:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Electrochemical Society (1991-1996), Dielectric Division of Electrochem. Society (1991-1996); Field Emission European Network (1999-2000); BIGEUROFE (2000-2001); "Network of Excellence on Nanoelectronics (Phantoms)", contract Number IST-2000-26021, Membership agreement No. 64, October 22, 2001 (2001-2002); "S-E Europe Network of Excellence-Nanosciences and Multifunctional Materials” (2002-2003).

Additional information:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Reviewer for Thin Solid Films, Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials; Journal of Crystal Growth, EMRS, CAS;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Member of the IMT Scientific Council;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Results evaluation in national programs: Orizont (1997-2000);
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Micro and Nanotechnologies (2001);
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Expert evaluator: MATNANTECH national program (S9), EC-FP5;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Salon International des Inventions-Geneve: Golden medal (2001);
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Organisation of the "Nanoscience and technology" conference sessions in the frame of the International Semiconductor Conference (CAS'2001; CAS'2002);
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) Co-editor to the "Nanoscience and Nanoengineering" volume (Romanian Academy);
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes) More than 100 papers published in international journals/conferences, 80 technical reports, and 3 Romanian patents.

Foreign languages: English, French

Contact information:,; phone:+4021-4908412, ext. 33, fax: :+4021-4908238



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