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First name: Carmen Aura
Surname: Moldovan
Date and place of birth: 29.05.1958, Craiova

    - 1983: Dipl. Eng. In Electronics and Telecommunications (Microelectronics section), “Politehnica” University Bucharest;
    - 2003 PhD in Microelectronics, “Politehnica” University Bucharest.

Professional experience: MEMS development, for chemical, mechanical, biological, acoustic silicon and polymer microsensors; coordination of research and microproduction activity of the photolithography laboratory; coordination of the research activity within the laboratory for microsystems for biological and environmental applications.

    - 1984 – 1995: process engineer, Microelectronica SA;
    - 1995 – 1997: Head of photolithography laboratory, National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies;
    - 1997 – present: Head of laboratory for microsystems for biological and environmental applications National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies.

Stages abroad:
    - 1995, Course “Etching Technology”, organized by UETP - MEMS, Community programme for Eucation and Training in Technology (COMETT), Wien, Austria;
    - 1999, First School of NOSE (Network of Excellence on Artificial Olfactory Sensing), Fundamentals on sensors and sensors systems for electronic nose applications, Alpbach, Austria;
    - 2001, Third School of NOSE (Network of Excellence on Artificial Olfactory Sensing), Santa Cesarea Terme;
    - 2002, Microsystem Technology, Imperial College, London, 29 Nov-2 Dec.

Present position: Senior Researcher

Research interests: silicon and polymer microsensors, biosensors, microfluidics

Past and current projects:
National Projects:
    - 2000 – 2002: ORIZONT Project, "Microsystems for monitoring the of tissues electrical activity (recording, simulation, feedback)";
    - 2000 – 2002: ORIZONT Project, "Manufacturing technologies for chemical microsensors for detection of volatile compounds resulted from alteration of foods";
    - 2002 – 2005: MATNANTECH Project – "Pelistor microarray for detection of combustible gases",
    - 2001 – 2004: MATNANTECH Project – "Integrated Chemical Microsensors for Environment Monitoring",
    - 2001 – 2004: MATNANTECH Project – "Acceleration Microtransducers for auto applications";
    - 2003 – 2005: MATNANTECH Excellence Center – “NANOMATFAB - Virtual Centre for Research in NANOtechnologies for new MATerials and FABrication processes”;
    - 2004 – 2006: MATNANTECH Project – “BIOMEMS-DLC: Advanced MEMS devices technologies, based on diamond-like carbon layers”;
    - 2005 – 2008: CORE Project – “Low pressure microsensors technology”;
    - 2005 – 2008: MATNANTECH Project – “NANOLAS – Pulsed laser systems with picoseconds and femtoseconds duration for applications in nanotechnologies”;
    - 2005 – 2008: MATNANTECH Project – “ Mixed condensated systems, including phtalocyanines and other metallic compounds with applications in medical and ecological sensors and in catalytic processes”;
    - 2005 – 2008: MATNANTECH Project – “Quantic simulator for semiconductor nanometer devices”;
    - 2006 – 2008: CORINT EU-RO – “INTEGRAMplus - Integrated MNT platforms and services – Service Action”;
    - 2006 – 2008: CORINT EU-RO – “TOXICHIP - Development of a toxin screening multi-parameter on-line biochip system”;
    - 2007 – 2010: PN II – “NEUROSENSE - Integrated platform for parallel monitoring of electrophysiological and chemical environment of neural cells”;
    - 2007 – 2010: PN II – “IMUNOSENSE – Technology for miniaturized immunosensors array for herbicides detection”;
    - 2007 – 2010: PN II – “HINAMASENS – Nanostructured hybrid materials for sensors, used in therapy and diagnosis”;
    - 2008 – 2011: PN II – “BIOMICROTECH - Miniaturized biosensor microtechnology for fast detection of contaminations from food”;
International Projects:
    - FP5 IST – REASON (Research And Training Action for System On Chip Design);
    - FP6 IST – PATENT-DfMM (Design for Micro & Nano Manufacture)
    - 2006 – 2008: FP6 IST IP – INTEGRAMplus (contract 027540): Integrated MNT platforms and services – Service Action;
    - 2006 – 2009: FP6 IST STREP – TOXICHIP (contract 027900): Development of a toxin screening multi-parameter on-line biochip system;
    - 2005 – 2008: FP6 NMP Network of Excellence – 4M: Multi Materials Micro Manufacturing;

Recent scientific publications:
    - R. Iosub, C. Moldovan, M. Modreanu, Silicon membranes fabrication by wet anisotropic etching, Sensors and Actuators, A99 (2002), 102-109
    - C. Moldovan, V. Ilian, Ghe. Constantin, R. Iosub, M. Modreanu, I. Dinoiu, B.Firtat, C. Voitincu, Micromachining of a silicon multichannel microprobe for neural electrical activity recording, Sensors and Actuators A 99 (2002), 117-122
    - C. Moldovan, G. Vasile, M. Modreanu, Silicon Micromachined Sensors for Gas detection, Frontiers in Molecular-Scale Science & Technology of Nanocarbon, Nanosilicon & Biopolymer Integrated Nanosystems, ARW Book, Kluwer Academic Press, 2004, pag. 409-424, ISBN 1-4020-2172    - 0
    - Lungu C.P., Mustata, I, Musa, G, Lungu, AM, Brinza, O, Moldovan, C, Rotaru, C, Iosub, R, Sava, F, Popescu, M, Vladoiu, R, Ciupina, V, Prodan, G, Apetroaei, N, Unstressed carbon-metal films deposited by thermionic vacuum arc method. Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, 8 (1), pag. 74-77, 2006
    - C. Moldovan, R. Iosub, C.P. Lungu, A.M. Lungu, B. Firtat, C. Roman, R. Albulescu, BioMEMS Microprobe for electricl activity recording of living cells, Proceedings CAS 2007, Internatuional Semiconductor Conference, Vol. 1, 131-134
    - C. Moldovan, R. Iosub, C.P. Lungu, A.M. Lungu, B. Firtat, C. Roman, R. Albulescu, DLC based BioMEMS probe for electrical activity recording of tissues and cells, Proceedings 4M 2007 3rd International Conference on Multi-Material Micro Manufacture, Whitles Publishing, Scotland, UK, 2007, pag. 187-191
    - Stephen A. Wilson, C. Moldovan, R. Iosub et. al., New materials for micro-scale sensors and actuators. An enginering review, Materials Science and Engineering R 56 (June), 2007, pag. 1-129
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    - Simulation, Design And Microfabrication Of Multichannel Microprobe For Bioelectrical Signals Recording, B. Firtat, R. Iosub, D. Necula, E. Franti, F. Babarada, C. Moldovan, F. Lazo, CAS’2008, pag 177-180, IEEE Catalog Number: CFP 08 CAS –PRT, ISBN: 978-1-4244-2004-9;
    - Enzymatic biosensor for insecticides detection, C. Moldovan, R. Iosub, C. Radu, N. Codreanu, M. Ion, C. Codreanu, B. Firtat, D. Necula, A. Ion, I. Ion, T. Harvey, P. Summersgill, CAS’2008, pag 147-150 , IEEE Catalog Number: CFP 08 CAS –PRT, ISBN: 978-1-4244-2004-9;
    - Biosensor for pesticides detection in food, C. Moldovan, R. Iosub, C. Radu, D. Necula, M. Ion, B. Firtat, EMRS’2008 Conference, Warsaw, Poland, 15-19 September, abstract book pp 280, poster presentation, Symposium I;
    - ISFET Microsensors HfO2 based for biomedical applications, C. Moldovan, R. Iosub, M. Modreanu, D. Ulieru, B. Firtat, M. Ion, CAS 2006 International Conference, pp. 185-189;
    - Differential piezoresistive pressure sensor, B. Firtat, C. Moldovan, R. Iosub, D. Necula, M. Nisulescu, CAS 2007 International Conference;
    - Soft chemical methods integration in developing new scaffolds for tissue engineering; R. M. Piticescu, T. Buruiana, N. Plesu, E. Vasile, C. Moldovan, B. Firtat, C. Rusti, RMP EMRS 2008 Warsaw;
    - Materials science and engineering b-solid state materials for advanced technology, Moldovan, C, Hinescu, L, Hinescu, M, Iosub, R, Nisulescu, M, Firtat, B, Modreanu, M, Dascalu, D, Voicu, V, Tarabasanu, C, Silicon micromachined sensor for gas detection., 101 (1-3), pp. 227-231, 2003.

Member of professional associations: IEEE – Electron Devices

Additional information:
    - patent: “Implantable microtip for bioimpedance measurements, in CMOS technology, using DLC layers”, C. Moldovan, R. Iosub, B. Firtat, C. Roman, 2006;
    - book: “Integrated chemical microsensors”, C. Moldovan, R. Iosub, B. Firtat, 2006, ISBN(10) 973-7860-05-5; ISBN(13) 978-973-7860-05-7;
    - Romanian contact person for NEXUS (Network of Excellence in multifunctional microsystems);
    - Associated professor within the “Politehnica” University, Bucharest;
    - „Best Paper” award, International CAS Conference, 2006;
    - „Best Paper” award, International CAS Conference, 2005.

Foreign languages: English, French.

Contact information: carmen.moldovan[at]; tel: +40.21.490.84.12, fax: +40.21.490.82.38



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