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First name: Florian
Surname: Pistriţu
Date and place of birth: 15 November 1976, Bucharest

  1998 – 2002, Eng. in Applied Electronics, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (UPB)

Professional experience:
  designer of electronics applications;
  implementation of test and characterization methods

Present position: engineer, National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies (IMT-Bucharest), Laboratory of Ambiental Technology

  2002 - 2003: Sigma System Online, Electronics Engineer
  2003 - present: IMT Bucharest, Electronics Engineer

Research interests:
  design of electronics applications.

Past and current projects:
  DERAM, “a, b, g integrated on silicon sensors for environmental natural contamination”, National MATNANTECH Programm (2001-2004);
  "Integrated Chemical Microsensors for Environment Monitoring", National MATNANTECH Programm (2001-2004)
  MONTESAGRA, “Advanced technologies for multifunctional microtransducers on monocrystalline piezoelectrical substrate with application on testing and monitoring of crops quality”, National MATNANTECH Programm (2003-2005);
  MATRIX-LA, “New manufacturing technologies for micromatrix with white light emission for indoor illuminate sistems applications”, National MATNANTECH Programm (2004 -2006);
  TETASME“Manufacturing technology a flat - panel type membrane keypad to fit geometry”, (2003-2006)
  MICROSYSOIL, “On-line monitoring of drilling for sustainable management of oil resources using integrated Microsystems”, National CEEX Programm (2006 -2008);
  MICROBALERT, “New technologies for achieving microbiosensors for real time detecting and monitoring tuberculosis in groups with increased risk potential”, National CEEX Programm (2006 -2008);
  AQUAPROTECT, “Areas of micro/nanosensors of threshold for the the detection in real time of aquatic medium contamination with chemical agents”, National PNCDI 2 Programm (2008 -2010);

Main scientific publications:
  Dumitru Ulieru, Adrian Tantau, Elena Ulieru, Ileana Cernica, Alina Matei, Vasilica Schiopu, Florian Pistritu, “Advanced laser technology for substrates microprocessing of microsystems and optoelectronics devices applications”, 30-th Edition of International Semiconductor Conference, IEEE International Semiconductor Conference, Sinaia, Romania, CAS 2007 Proceedings – [oct. 2007]
  Vasilica Schiopu, Ileana cernica, Florian Pistritu, Andrei Ghiu, Alina Matei, “Development of semiconductor matrix with white light emission for application in illuminate systems”, 8th International Conference on Physics of Advanced materials, June 4-7, 2008, Iasi, Romania
  V. Schiopu, M. Macrin, I. Cernica, A Matei, F. Pistritu, “YAG:Ce phosphor for new white light matrix”, Sixth International Conference on Inorganic Materials – Dresden, Germany, 28-30 September 2008

Additional informations: computer skills: Windows XP, MS Office, Orcad 9x, C/C++

Foreign languages: English

Contact information: E-mail: florian.pistritu[at], Phone; +40 - 21-490.85.81, Fax: +40 - 21-490.82.38



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