Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  First name: Cecilia

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Surname : Podaru

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Date and place of birth: March 16,1949, Com. Scoarta, Jud. Gorj, Romania

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Education: Ms.Sc. in Anorganical Chemistry, Faculty of Anorganical Chemistry, Polytechnic Institute Traian Vuia Timisoara,1972.

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Professional experience: Silicon planar technology:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)   thermal processes ( oxidation, dopant deposition / diffusion,annealing ) for wafer up 4".
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  LPCVD from liquid sources for silicon dioxide and SnO2 thin film realisation
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Photolithography of technic lift-off
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Chemical processes and study of Electrochemical Etch-Stop for High-Precision Thickness-Control of silicon Membranes
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Anizotropic Etching of Crystalline Silicon in Alcaline Solutions

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Career:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)   1972-1996 : Scientific researcher, Institute of Research for Electronic Components (ICCE )-Bucharest
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  1996-present: Senior scientific researcher, National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies ( IMT –Bucharest ), "Technology Service Center" (including The Mask Shop )

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Stages abroad : 2001 , course in management University "POLITEHNICA" of Bucharest

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Present position: Senior scientific researcher

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Research interests:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  optimized of tehnological procees to obtain new devices biosensors;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  microfabrication biocapsule of silicon;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  immobilization technique of enzyme and matrix porous silicon;
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  characterication capacitive of activity enzymatic membranes.

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Past and current projects:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)   2000 – 2003: Romanian National R&D Program RELANSIN "Technology Glucose sensor an amperometric",source of founding: budget and co-financing; Project Director.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  2000 – 2003: Romanian National R&D Program RELANSIN ‘’Power Semiconducting Relays for monophasic alternative current (1-100 A,12-550 V )"; source of founding: budget and co-financing; participant.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  2001 – 2004: Romanian National R&D Program MATNANTECH "Porous silicon matrix for bio-medical application"; participant.
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  2002 – 2006: Romanian National R&D Program MATNANTECH ‘’Matricial networks of alveoles, supporting cells for investigation, testing and diagnosis"; source of founding: budget; participant.

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Main scientific publications:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)   1972 – 1998: 30 Scientific publications
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  1998 – 2003: ‘’TiO2 anodic oxide films for oxygen gas sensors C.Podaru,V.Avramescu, R.Enache’’; CAS" 98 PROCEEDINGS
, vol.2 edition 21st oct.8-12 ,1998, p.565.

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Member of professional associations: -

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Additional information: 1973 – 2002: 2 Patents.

Patent for "Amperometric biosensors for detection of glucose and the realization process". Patent CBI nr..A-00859 .14.06.2002.

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Foreign languages:

wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  French - good
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  Russian – good
wpe5.jpg (680 bytes)  English – notions.

Buton.jpg (695 bytes)  Contact information, tel: +40-1-490 84 12/36;fax+40-1-490 82 38

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