Grup of activitaties

New RF Microsystems to be developed are









1. An integrated micromachined receiver based on silicon technology .An endfire Yagi-Uda antennae for 77 GHz will be designed and manufactured and integrated hybrid with a GaAs Schottky diode. This frequency is devoted to car crash avoidance systems.This direct receiving unit will demonstrate the advantages of high performance of micromachining technologies for mm wave integrated communication systems. A demonstrator of this receiver will be developed in the frame of the project. A sensitivity s> 1800 mV/mW at an ispotropic input power of -20dBm is expected. The gain of the antenna will be >10 dBi at 77 GHz
2. A monolithic integrated micromachined receiver structure for 60 GHz based on GaAs micromachining The receiver will be an new original structure based on a membrane supported Yagi-Uda antenna monolithic integrated with a substrateless Schottky diode. A sensitivity s> 2000 mV/mW at an ispotropic input power of -20dBm and a gain >8 dBi at 60 GHz are expected.
3. F-BAR resonators based on GaN and/or AlN micromachining for application in the 1-5 GHz frequency range. A quality factor Q>500 at 2 GHz is expected. These WBG materials are expected to play a fundamental role in microwave and mm wave applications by using their piezoelectric properties.