Microsystem to be
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Microsystem to be developed

New reconfigurable micromachined filters dedicated to reconfigurable frontends for mobile communication systems 3G and "beyond 3G" which endure the DCS 1800MHz and WLAN 5.2 GHz. Standards. The filters of high resistivity, in a new configuration and conception, through the usage of RF-MEMS techniques.The filter will be obtained on SiO2/Si3N4/SiO2 membrane of 1.5µm witdh.

MMID Tag having a substrateless Schottky diodes ("membrane Schottky") of a very small area destinated to the detection applications in millimeter and under millimeter waves with a cut-off frequency of around 1THz. The Schottky diodes will be realized through GaAs micromachining (in co-operation with FORTH Heraklion) for applications concerning in communications in the millimeter and under millimeter waves domain. The Schottky diode will have as a support a GaAs thin membrane and will be realized in a integrated geometry with micromachined passive components (filters, antennae). For this device we propose a capacity of the diode smaller than 10fF and a cut - off frequency more than 1 THz. The tag will be functional at a distance bigger than 1m.

Achievement and analyzing of micromachined Galium Nitride photodetector structures for the realization of these application in the microwave and millimeter wave domain. The band-gap piezoelectric properties and the high saturation speed, as well as the breakdown field make this material to be a potential very promising one in new applications connected to microwaves, millimeter waves, photonic devices and sensors available to work in hostile environment at high temperatures