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Phys. Iuliana Mihalache (

She received BSc (2009) and master degree (2011) in physics from Bucharest University - Department of Physics for Advanced Materials and Nanostructures.

The theme of her dissertation thesis was ‘Optical analogies in graphene’ and she established a quantitative analogy between electromagnetic field propagation in media with periodic refractive indices and ballistic propagation of electrons in graphene layer.

She is currently PhD student at Solid State Physics Department, University of Bucharest, the project research being focused on opto-electrical properties of carbon based nanomaterials.

Also, she is the contact person for FLS920P spectrometer (Edinburgh Instruments, UK) - MINAFAB, which allows combined time resolved and steady state fluorescence spectroscopy as well as quantum yield measurements.


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Last update: January 16, 2014