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Dr. Monica Simion (

She is senior researcher at IMT since 1996 and she has a PhD in Engineering from University ‘Politehnica’ Bucharest since 2011.

She has a strong expertise in biomedicine area, starting with fabrication and characterization of silicon based nanostructurated materials (porous silicon) for biomedical applications and going forward to development of experimental protocols based on microarray technology for biomolecular recognition envisaging clinical diagnosis applications, as HPV detection or allergy diagnosis.


Dr. M. Simion led the research activities for obtaining of new substrates for microarray technology, our group being one of the first which reported results for porous silicon as a valid substrate for DNA/proteins microarray chip. Her last coordinated projects were: the national funded PNII project “Multi alergen biochip realised by microarray technology -MAMA” (2007-2010) and also FP7-MNT-ERA project “A system-in-a-microfluidic package approach for focused diagnostic DNA microchips – DNASIP”. 

Moreover, she is the contact person for Micro-Nano Plotter (OmniGrid) and Microarray Scanner - GeneTAC UC4 (Genomic Solutions Ltd., UK)MINAFAB, currently used for microarray spot plotting and scanning.



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Last update: January 16, 2014