Reability and Testing tools

Climatic Chamber - CH 160 (Angelantoni, Italy) [...more details]

Thermal shock chamber - TSE-11-A (Espec Europe, Germany) [...more details]

Free Fall Shock Machine - 0707-20 (MRAD, USA) [...more details]

Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chamber - temperature, humidity, pressure, polarization - EHS-211M (Espec Europe, Germany) [...more details]

Mobile Thermal Airstream System - ThermoStream TP04300A-8C3-11 (Temptronic, USA) [...more details]

Electrodynamic vibration system with thermal and electrical tests - TV 55240/LS (TIRA, Germany) [details]

Universal Ovens with electrical testing - UFB (Memmert, Germany) N6711A (N6741B,N6743B,N6746B,N6773A) (Agilent Tehchnologies, USA)[details]




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Last update: February, 2012