Development of mixed technologies for micro/nano structures
and photonic systems with application in communications

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The main objective of PHOTONTECH is the development of mixed technologies for integrated photonic micro/nanostructures with applications in communications based on novel processes and materials and on advanced structures.

The specific objectives of the project are:

I. Creation, consolidation and management of a micro/nano photonic network formed by research groups from two national institutes  INCD – Microtechnology, INCD – Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics; one institute of Romanian Academy (ICF); two universities (UPB, UAIC-Iasi); and an private research institute (IC-PALV SA).

The activities included in this objective are:

- the inventory of the available resources and facilities;
- up-grading those facilities;
- acquisition of new equipment for nanotechnologies;
- development of a communication system between partners compatible with the security and confidentiality requirements;
- establishment of common, competitive platform for photonic micro/nanostructures characterization.


- heoretical and experimental investigations of silicon microstructuring;
- SOI technological process experimentations;
- LPCVD deposition of Si based alloys and characterization;
- novel submicronic lithographic processes.

III. Development of thin film layers processes for micro/nano photonic applications.

Activities: developing processes to obtain by deposition of three types of thin film layers with applications in micro/nanophotonics: rare earth doped sol-gel layers; films based on hybrid organic/inorganic polymer materials; and conductive layers of metallic oxides.

IV. Development of multilayer structures processes with controlled optical properties.

Activities: development multilayer structures processes by realized by deposition of successive metallic and dielectric layers with nanometric thicknesses and high contrast refraction indices in order to control the optical properties.

V. Development of laser micropatterning processe.

Activities: development ill experiment processes of laser micropatterning for micro-photonics.

VI. Developmemt of modeling and simulation for advanced structures and materials. 


- numerical investigation of advanced structures like metamaterials
- simulation of the micro/nanophotonics structures in order to obtain an optimized design of the structures developed in the other WPs. 

VII. Integration of the mixed processes and experimentation of photonic microstructures demonstrators


optimize processes in the preceding WPs will be integrated in mixed technological fluxes specific to certain types of  photonic micro/nanostructures, which can also be integrated to microsystems on semiconductor substrate.

VIII - Dissemination

The results obtained in FOTONTECH will be widely disseminated by communications and publications in international and national journals, by organizing sections in national conferences with international attendance as well as by organizing workshops with industrial partners. This activities will promote this field in our country aiming to attract companies in this hi-tech area.

IX. Education in a high tech area – micro/nanophotonics

This objective envisions common activities with the university partners for: a) establishing research and graduate – master and Ph.D – programs; b) organizing courses and laboratories at IMT and INCDFLPR in order to build a hands-on experience for graduate and undergraduate students.