Integrated Micro/Nanotechnologies Platforms and Services

Project coordinator: Chris Pickering, QinetiQ Ltd., U.K.

NEW! Design, Technology and Simulation of Microfluidic Structures
5th December 2007, IMT-Bucharest, Romania [....]


INTEGRAMplus is a customer-responsive design and prototyping service with a route to volume for integrated microsystems.
The main focus of INTEGRAMplus is on integrating silicon-based MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) components, which provide smart functionality, with polymer backplanes and platforms for additional functions, packaging and interfacing to the macro-world.

Through INTEGRAMplus you can access the expertise from major European players with world leading competencies in micro and nanotechnologies including:

  • Silicon, polymer, glass and hybrid solutions
  • Multi-domain technologies (optics, fluidics, MEMS, biological, chemical and electronics)
  • Multi-level integration (material, electronics, functions and systems)
  • Design, development and production along the supply chain

For micro and nano-based products INTEGRAMplus offers customised solutions including consultancy, feasibility studies, design, development, prototyping and a route to production. Standardised tried and tested modules provide an accelerated route to market whilst minimising risk and cost.

INTEGRAMplus provides a unique combination of world leading competencies to provide you with smart mixed technology components and solutions.


QinetiQ Ltd (UK) – a private company formed from the majority of DERA, Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, with the largest MNT design and prototyping facility in the UK. QinetiQ provides state-of-the-art expertise across a wide range of optical and electronic technologies including MEMS, advanced displays, imaging, optical signal processing, compound semiconductor devices and sensor systems. QinetiQ has the largest microsystems design and prototyping facility in the UK with a 450m2 dedicated silicon cleanroom, based on well-engineered MEMS fabrication processes compatible with on-chip electronics. QinetiQ led the Europractice Manufacturing Cluster INTEGRAM.
Coventor Sarl (France) – European office of Coventor Inc, a private company with market leading MNT simulation and design software. Coventor provides a comprehensive suite of software tools for the development of MEMS, microfluidics and semiconductor process applications. CoventorWare is an industry standard platform adopted by leading MEMS and microfluidics manufacturers around the globe, and by an extensive network of university partners.
CSEM Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology Inc (Switzerland) – an applied research and development private company involved in the development of microsystems for industry and the creation of high technology spin-out businesses. CSEM specialises in micro- and nanotechnology, microelectronics, systems engineering and communications technologies.
Epigem Ltd (UK) – a leading private company in polymer micro-engineering prototyping and manufacturing. Epigem is a specialist technology company, with expertise in polymer materials and sheet and film microfabrication processes. The company provides research and development and prototyping through to product manufacture of customised components for opto-electronic and micro-fluidic instrumentation.
Institut für Mikrotechnik Mainz, IMM (Germany) – non-profit organisation owned by Ministry of Economy of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate in the field of micro-fabrication, microfluidics, micro-optics. IMM is a research and development service provider developing micro structured devices and systems and works in the fields of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, personal care, food industries, energy production, biotechnology, analytics, diagnostics, medical technology and sensor development.
National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies, IMT Bucharest (Romania) – national institute for R&D in micro and nanotechnologies, technology transfer and training. IMT's mission is devoted to research and development in micro- and nanotechnologies, technology transfer, education and training, and dissemination. IMT is offering services on design, simulation and technology for micro and nanosystems (silicon, ceramic and glass-based) to partners from academia, research and industry.
Institute of Electron Technology, ITE Warsaw (Poland) - major R&D centre in semiconductor electronics and physics focused on development of micro and nano-technologies and systems. The fundamental goal of ITE is to conduct basic and applied research in the area of microelectronics, semiconductor optoelectronics and micromechanics as well as characterisation of semiconductor materials and structures.
Silex Microsystems (Sweden) – a leading private company in MEMS design and manufacturing with a state-of-the-art 150 mm wafer fab. With its customer focused strategy to offer only foundry services, the Silex team of MEMS experts is committed to meeting the most stringent time constraints in the realisation of MEMS products. Unrivalled manufacturing experience from production of 100s of MEMS devices secures quality performance in the volume fabrication of MEMS.
University of Lancaster (UK) – expert group in the fields of design for manufacture, test and reliability. Lancaster has extensive experience in addressing testability and multi-domain modelling challenges in MNT enabled systems. They coordinate the FP6 Network of Excellence in Design for Micro & Nano Manufacture (PATENT-DfMM) that will be leveraged within the INTEGRAMplus project to provide an extended capability in package engineering.

Yole Développement (France) – experienced market research and consultancy in MNT and electronics.Yole Développement is a consulting company specialising in the fields of micro- and nanotechnologies dedicated to MEMS, compound semiconductor, optoelectronics, life sciences and chemistry, and energy. Yole Développement offers market analysis, technology assessment, strategy consulting, technical & market reports and newsletters (Micronews).


Design, Technology and Simulation of Microfluidic Structures, 5th December 2007, IMT-Bucharest, Romania

The course will be organized by the National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies (IMT), as an INTEGRAMplus partner, in association with the μBuilder project (

Target Groups:

The course is primarily aimed at students, PhD students, postgraduates engineers and physicians from European universities and research institutes interested in developing MEMS design skills and accessing low-cost fabrication services, who may participate free of charge. In addition, engineers and researchers from industry and other organisations are invited to participate for a 50 € - fee.

Objectives: Introduce the INTEGRAMplus project and services offer;

Introduce MEMS and the key-concepts of microfluidics;
  • Provide familiarity with CoventorWare tools for MEMS (design, modelling and simulations)
  • Explain methods to help students design and analyse MEMS microfluidic devices;
  • Reinforce learning through practical case studies and worked examples based on simple devices, using hands-on training for microfluidics simulations;

Support participants to develop heir own design ideas and practical implementations in INTEGRAMplus processes.

For more information, please download the course flyer (695 kB).

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Project Coordinator: Chris Pickering
QinetiQ Ltd.
Malvern, United Kingdom
Phone: +44(0)1684896262
Email: [email protected]

Contact from IMT-Bucharest: Dr. Carmen Moldovan
National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies
126A, Erou Iancu Nicolae street, 077190, Bucharest, ROMANIA
Phone: +40-21-490.85.83; +40-21-490.82.12
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Email: [email protected]


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