LAMSYS Laboratory for Modeling and Simulation Of Microsystems


COVENTORWARE 2008 - licenses for supplementary seats, supplementary design and simulation modules, maintenance in order to ensure the access to support and upgrade
MATLAB7 - mathematical software
SOLIDWORKS: 2D and 3D design for complex geometries
MATHEMATICA 7: software environment for technical and scientific computing 
ORIGINPRO8: Data analysis and graphing software for scientists and engineers
COMSOL 3.4 Software package for physical process

COVENTORWARE2008  – Software package dedicated to design, modeling and simulation for MEMS and microfluidics. It includes design tools (layout editor, material database, 3D models generator) and simulation modules of main physical phenomena used in microsystems developing and functionalities.
DESIGNER - a physical design tool that contains a 2-D layout editor, materials property editor and database, a process editor, as well as an automatic 3-D model generator. CoventorWare 2006 includes a process entry user interface designed with both the process engineer and MEMS designer in mind. There is also a ready to use library of foundry processes available.
ANALYZER - a multi-physics field solver based analysis framework. Customize ANALYZER to support the physics required to design any device and use it with DESIGNER to verify designs.
MEMS Modules:
MemElectro: electrostatic analysis
MemMech: mechanical, modal, thermal analysis, piezoelectric, piezoelectric, modal analysis
CoSolve: coupled electro-thermo-mechanical;
MemPZR: piezoresistive analysis;
MemHenry: coupled magnetic-structural analysis;
MemOptics: Optical analysis
Microfluidic modules:
MemCFD: fluid dynamics in microstructures  (general flow under pressure drop, fluid mixing, thermal analysis);
NetFlow: electrokinetic flow (electrophoresis, electroosmosis, diffusion);
SwichSim: electrokinetic flow with field switching analysis
ReactSim: chemical reaction in microchannels / microreactors
MemFSI: Fluid-Structure Interaction
Bubble/Sim and DropSim: two-phase flow;
FlowMM: fluid resistance and inertance.
Steady / Transient analysis;
Multi-analyses by parameters variation
Data postprocessing tools (viewing results, additional calculus)
Architect – a schematic-based system-level modeling environment used to quickly explore design alternatives and optimize performance
SEMulator3D™ - semiconductor software (manufacturing provides a fast, easy-to-use and inexpensive way to generate silicon-accurate interactive 3D models of the films, structures and devices actually produced in a wafer fab.  This enables semiconductor manufacturers to optimize their designs and processes, achieve faster time-to-market, and lower production costs.
EM3DS: Electromagnetic 3D Solver- frequency-domain full-wave simulation tool tailored to efficiently accomplish the analysis of quasi-planar structures- specifically planar structures over complex substrates, where the finite conductors' thickness and the dielectric discontinuities are accounted for with no compromise .

Simulation results of flow between two filter columns (Coventorware)
Polymer layer deflection (bottom view)
Polymer layer deflection (detail on channels)

Mechanical simulation  (Coventorware) of fluid pressure action on polymer layer
Results obtained in the frame of FP6 STREP Project “Lab-on-a-chip implementation of production processes for new molecular imaging agents”

Lateral deflection of microgripper at 0.2 V

Temperature distribution at 0.2 V

Coupled electro-termo-mechanical simulation (Coventorware) for a microgriper
National project „Sensors and actuators microstructures for microrobotic positioning, mechanical and biological manipulation” MEMSAS

Contact person Oana Tatiana Nedelcu

MATLAB7 –technical computing language and interactive environment for algorithm development, data visualization, data analysis, and numeric computation.Contact person: Rodica Voicu

Module Matlab

Postprocessing (Matlab) of simulation data (Coventorware, Comsol)
Temperature distribution in a PMMA layer, along X axis, after embossing process; application in fabrication of diffractive optical elements, FP7 project Flexible Patterning of Complex Micro Structures using Adaptive Embossing Technology FlexPAET

SOLIDWORKS: allows 2D and 3D design of complex geometry, capable to export CAD files to other simulation software tools; it has additional modules for projects reporting and for growing the productivity of CAD and PDMWorks

Design version of a columns-based filter

Solidworks design of a RF swich

top view
bottom view
 3D design (SolidWorks) and domain mesh  (Coventorware)


Contact person: George Boldeiu

MATHEMATICA 7: Software for numeric and symbolic calculus; suitable for solving linear and non-linear differential equations; 2D and 3D graphics; good flexibility in parameter variations: Software for numeric and symbolic calculus; suitable for solving linear and non-linear differential equations; 2D and 3D graphics; good flexibility in parameter variations.

3D Graphic (Mathematica) of a trigonometric function

ORIGINPRO8: Software for data processing and graphing software for scientists and engineers: graphic, interpretation/interpolation by statistical processing, signal analysis. It includes functions for Statistics, Baseline and Peak Analysis, 3D Fitting, Signal Processing, Image Processing.

Profile of electroosmotic flow as function of zeta-potential
Postprocessing (Origin)of simulation data (Coventorware) for analisys of a micro-electro-fluidic (MEF) system; application for non-mechanical pumping of fluids
FP6 project „Design for Micro & Nano Manufacture Network of Excellence” PATENT-DfMM – NoE
WP2 Modelling and Simulation Workpackage
Research grants “Fault Free Modelling and System Simulation of FlowFET-Based MEFs”
and  “Fault Modelling and System Simulation of FlowFET-Based MEFs”

COMSOL 3.4: design and modeling multiphysiscs software package for the simulation of any physical processes, having applications in research, product development, and education. Application-specific modules bring terminology, material libraries, solvers and elements, as well as visualization tools appropriately specialized to the application area: structural mechanics, heat transfer, acoustics, fluid mechanics. Contact person: Irina Codreanu

Tesla micromixer design

Simulation results
(Comsol): velocity distribution in a Tesla element

Simulation results
(Comsol): distribution of concentration in a structure with then Tesla elements

Microstructure characterization with electronic microscope

Design, simulation and characterization of a Tesla micromixer
National project „Computer aided design of microfluidic components”



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