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Project description

This project proposes the development of a complete, integrated system for neural recording, with direct applicability in fundamental and applied neuroresearch. The key target elements of the proposed research are:

• the development of a recording microelectrode (Fig. 2) with multiple recording sites, fabricated in silicon based MEMS technology, for combined extracellular electrical recording (action potentials) and electrochemical sensing (pH and dopamine level in the extracellular environment)
• development of an adequate coating solution for ensuring a performant mechanical resistance even for longer electrode shanks
• improvement of the S/N ratio performance supported by the electrode, by devising a micro/nanostructuring technology on the surface of the recording sites
• development of an efficient and optimal fabrication process, with special emphasis on reproducibility, quality, cost
• development of the associated electronic circuitry for signal processing, digitization and computer transfer, display and acquisition, such that a ready-to-be-used experimental chain to be realized.