Research Team


The research team consists of 14 people, specialists in Electronics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

  • Dr. Carmen Moldovan -  CS I, PhD in electronics, head of laboratory;
  • Cecilia Codreanu – CS III, engineer;
  • Bogdan Firtat - CS III, engineer;
  • Dr. Marian Ion - CS, PhD in Physics;
  • Silviu Dinulescu – AC, engineer;
  • Adrian Anghelescu - CS III, engineer;
  • Costin Brasoveanu – IDT, engineer;
  • George Muscalu – AC, engineer;
  • Ioana Ghinea – technician, chemist;
  • Mihaela Savin – CS, chemist;
  • Alina Popescu – CS III, chemist.

Dr. Carmen MOLDOVAN- head of the laboratory

She graduated on Electronics and Telecommunications and she owns a PhD in Microsensors. She was responsible from IMT side in the TOXICHIP project, STREP (IST), for the development of temperature, pH sensors and O2 sensor integrated into a microfluidic platform for toxicity detection.

She was involved in the 4M NoE (NMP), working on demonstrators, in Ceramic cluster, having the goal to integrate a non-standard micromachining process into a ceramic substrate and in the Sensors and Actuators cluster and IMT in INTEGRAMplus IP (IST), dealing with technology convergence and integration and virtual design and manufacturing. She coordinates three national projects in the area of integrated sensors and microfluidic devices for pesticides detection and neural cells monitoring. She is a member of IEEE, and is a NEXUS Association Steering Committee Member. The scientific activity is published in more than 70 papers in journals, books and communications in Proceedings.



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Last update: January 30, 2012