Versiunea Romana

Development Of The Conceptual Model Of A Lab-On-A-Chip For Continuous Particles Separation Through Magnetophoresis And Dielectrophoresis

Project team

Marioara Avram, CS1, Nanotechnology Laboratory, IMT-Buc, BSc, MSc, Physics Faculty, University of Bucharest (1982), BSc, MSc, Automatics and Computers Faculty, ‘Politehnica’ University of Bucharest (1994), PhD in Electrical Sciences, summa cum laudae award, ‘Politehnica’ University of Bucharest, 2004.
Relevant international/national projects for which the project manager has participated as a member in the research group: FP5-Network of Excellence on Nanoelectronics (Phantoms), contract IST-2000-26021, Membership agreement No. 64, 2001; „Development of a toxin screening multi-parameter on-line biochip system” (ToxiChip), STREP, 2nd Priority -IST, Contract nr: 027900 (2006-2009), Coordinator: Dr. Terri Wood, University College Cork - National University of Ireland; “Nanostructured-Functional Polymer-Based Materials and Nanocomposites (NANOFUN-POLY), NoE, 3rd Priority -NMP (2003-2007), Coordinator: Prof. José M. Kenny, Consortium for Science and Technology of Materials (INSTM), Italy; „Micro-Nano-Systems European Network” (MINOS), (2005–2008)–FP6; Integrated research network for nanomedicine, Nanobiotechnology and healthcare (RO-NANOMED), CEEX, (2005 -2008); “Technological network destined to integrate Romania in the European NANOELectronics platform (ENIAC)”, CEEX, (2006 – 2008); “Promotion of Romanian competencies for European cooperation in micro-nano-biosystems” (PRO-BIOSYS), CEEX, 2005 – 2008.

Ileana Cernica, CS1, Prototype Development Laboratory, IMT-Bucharest, BSc, MSc, Electronics Faculty, ‘Politehnica’ University of Bucharest (1982), PhD in Electronical Sciences, ‘Politehnica’ University of Bucharest, (1998)

Adrian Dinescu, CS3, Microphysics Characterization Laboratory, PhD student at the Bucharest University Faculty of Physics, thesis title: “Electron beam lithography applied in the realization of nanostructured devices”, Romanian scientific responsible of the project: FP7- STREP- CATHERINE- “Carbon nAnotube Technology for High-speed nExt-geneRation nano-InterconNEcts”. Contribution during the project: Development of AFM electronics for using alternative operating modes (tapping, phase imaging); Fabrication of force microsensors for AFM; Scanning electron microscopy (SEM); Electron beam lithography - EBL.

Roxana Vasilco, CS3, First biologist, genetic molecular specialization (master’s degree equivalent).
Contribution during the project: realization of the molecular biology models; integration of the theoretical models with numerical simulation results; Realization of the models regarding the dynamic properties of biomolecules.

Adina Bragaru is a PhD student at UB, Faculty of Chemistry: Thesis title: ”Chemical modified nanostructured surfaces and their applications”; Contribution during the project: functionalization of nanostructured silicon substrates, evaluation of the performances of the lab-on-a-chip test devices using the GeneTAC UC4 Microarray Scanner, which can scan using two wavelengths (532nm, 635nm), then the signal is analyzed with the GeneTAC Integrator software; it will analyze statistically, qualitatively and quantitatively the obtained data, by using the incorporated database for genetic determination. Surface functionalisation will be done by several methods, depending on the physical, chemical, mechanic, adhesion properties but also depending on hydrophobicity and hydofility of the surface and the properties of the molecules which will be selected in order to fix them on the nanostructured substrate.

Andrei Avram, graduate of the Faculty of Physics (2007), PhD student at UPB (prof. dr. ing. Horia Gavrila), thesis title: “Research and modeling of some magnetic nanotransporters for the treatment of malignant afflictions by hypothermia”. Contribution during the project: modeling of the magnetic nanotransporters for biomedical applications; design, simulation and optimization of the parameters of microfluidic dielectro-magnetophoretic separation system and study of non-Newtonian fluid flow through these microsystems; study of the Si, glass, photosensitive polymers, elastomers surface modification by bombardment with reactive ions from O2, Ar, CF4, SF6 plasma.