Development of topographical and compositional analysis
capabilities of Microphysical Characterization Laboratory of
IMT Bucharest




The major activities performed during this project are:
  • Site preparation for installing the FEG-SEM, taking into account the special conditions for vibrations, acoustic and electromagnetic isolation.
  • Elaboration of a study concerning economical and technical issues related to the acquisition of a FEG-SEM equipped with adequate modules for analytic techniques i.e. compositional analysis;
  • Acquisition, installation and acceptance tests of the equipment;
  • Obtaining the authorization for radiological security from CNCAN;
  • Building a web page dedicated to the equipment and including it on the web page of the Microphysical Characterisation Laboratory of IMT-Bucharest;
  • Working space arrangement adequately for installing the integrated SEM platform, with the realisation of the special conditions of vibration, acoustic and electromagnetic isolation ;



last update: 2 june 2009