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Chem. Teodora Ignat (

She received BSc in 2002 in chemistry at University of Babes-Bolyai Cluj, Romania and the PhD degree in chemistry from University of Bucharest, Romania in 2011 when she defended the thesis “Thin organic layers deposited on silicon substrate”.

Part of the PhD research has been realised during the Marie Curie Grant at Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics - l'Ecole Polytechnique Paris in the field of preparation and electrochemical characterization of the gold nano-islands as support for acids thiols immobilization by SAMs in order to obtain biosensors and respectively Research Grantdedicated to development of surface engineering techniques to investigate inorganic-biomolecular interfaces at INASMET- Tecnalia, Dept. of Biomaterials and Nanotechnologies (San Sebastian, Spain).

She was coordinator of the CNCSIS grant research project Development of new methods for realization of self-assembled thin organic films on silicon with biomedical applications” (2007-2009).

She is the contact person for DelsaNano (Beckman Coulter, USA) equipment - MINAFAB.


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Last update: January 16, 2014