Applications of substrate integrated waveguide structures for measuring the permittivity of dielectric materials in microwave domain - SIWcell


The main target of this project consists in the development of a novel technique based on SIW chokes for measurement of dielectric samples (solid or liquid) placed inside of a SIW cell. The bandwidth target covers 5 - 6 GHz band for a single cell, expandable to 4 - 7 GHz based on minor changes of the system. The efficiency of these chokes will be investigated.

An original scalar measuring system which allows simultaneous extraction of the reflection and transmission coefficient amplitude, associated to the manufactured cell will be realized. The determination of two circuit parameters allow a better correlation of the experimental results, with a rapid effect on the high precision of the computing values of both real and imaginary parts of the permittivity.

A typical 7.5% accuracy is expected for the measuring system. Electromagnetic models will be employed for the development of SIW cells having high Q factor. Also, a mathematical model for post-processing of the experimental data will be implemented in order to determine with high accuracy the permittivity of the measured samples.