- In perioada 03-04 septembrie 2015, Dr. Rodica Voicu si Drd. Angela Baracu au participat la intalnirea de proiect Eranet 3SMVIB organizata la sediul Universitatii Tehnice din Cluj-Napoca, Romania  (Prof. Dr. C. Birleanu si Prof. Dr. M Pustan).




Vizita la Universitatea Tehnica din Cluj-Napoca (Laboratorul Minas) si prezentari realizate la intalnirea de proiect 3SMVIB

- June 20, 2014 Eranet 3SMVIB project meeting organized at Politechnika Warszawska, Poland


Presentations 3SMVIB project meeting


Visit at Politechnika Warszawska, Poland during 3SMVIB project meeting


- January 16-17, 2014  Eranet 3SMVIB project meeting organized at National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies - IMT Bucharest, Bucharest,  Romania

Project meeting in IMT Bucharest (16 January 2014)

Visit of the project partners in the technological department of IMT Bucharest (17 January 2014)



R. Voicu, M. Michalowski, Z. Rymuza , R. Gavrila , C. Obreja, R. Müller, A. BaracuDesign and Analysis of Polysilicon Thin Layers and MEMS Vibrating Structures”, Proc. DTIP 2014 - SYMPOSIUM on Design, Test, Integration & Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS, Cannes Côte d'Azur, France, 1-4 April 2014, p. 129-133, 2014

Vincent Lucas, Ling Wu, Maarten Arnst, Jean-Claude Golinval, Stéphane Paquay, Van-Dung Nguyen, Ludovic Noels, „Prediction of macroscopic mechanical properties of a polycrystalline microbeam subjected to material uncertainties”, Proc. EURODYN 2014


- July 5 2013 Eranet 3SMVIB project meeting organized at OPEN ENGINEERING (OENG),  Liege, Belgia.

Project meeting Liege, Belgium (Visit V2I and ULG)

-  October 14-16, CAS 2013 Conference, Sinaia, Romania

Photo from CAS 2013 Conference, Sinaia, Romania, Partener WUT, Prof. Z. Rymuza and Dr. R.  Voicu from IMT Bucharest, Poster session.

Investigations of  surface properties of   SiO2 and Si3N4 thin layers,  used for MEMS   vibrating structures  applications”, Rodica Voicu, Zygmund Rymuza,  Marcin Michalowski, Cosmin Obreja,  Raluca Gavrila,  Raluca Müller, Proc. Cas 2013, Vol. 1, pp.  111-114, 2013.