General objective
The main objective of ELOTRANSP project is the development of processes to obtain thin transparent conductive oxidic and transparent polymeric nanocomposite layers on transparent substrate (glass and PET), development of characterization methods for nanocomposite and nanostructured materials and electronic and optoelectronic transparent components.

Specific objectives of the project

  • Processes elaboration to obtain thin layers of p-type and n- typeTCO by different methods such as pulsed laser, magnetron sputtering, vacuum evaporation, sol-gel method, spin-coating, LPCVD;
  • Processes elaboration to obtain thin polymeric nanocomposite layers based on oxidic powders or with carbon nanotubes;
  • Design and experiments for transparent components based on TCO and nanocomposites on glass and PET substrate;
  • Characterisation method development for nanocomposites materials and transparent devices using the existing equipment at the partners and the aquisition to make in the future;
  • Large disemination of original results by ISI articles publication and scientific communications, workshops, expositions, poster presentation shows;
  • Patent for the original results from the project’s research activity