MINAFAB Processing equipments

Installation of vacuum by evaporation from nacelle-BALZERS
Balzers BA 510, Liechtenstein



- Materials : Au, Al, Ag, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pt,SiO,SiO,     
- Tehnical evaporation from nacelle;
- Thickness deposition layer monitorization possibility using a quartz oscillator 
- Film thickness: 100nm to 1000nm;
- Posibility of deposition of maximum two different materials in the same vaccum   cycle;           
- maximum load per run: 32 wafers/2"or 16 wafers/3" or 8 wafers/4";





- electronics, electrooptics, photonics, biosensors.


Application scientist: eng. Carmen Iorga[email protected]



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Last update: February, 2011