Processing equipments

  Mask fabrication and lithography tools   Physical deposition tools Chemical deposition tools
  Thermal processing tools Microarrays, Biomolecule research Wetbenches, Glove-box
  Wetbenches, Glove-box Other tools

Mask fabrication and lithography tools


Laser lithography system - DWL 66 fs, direct writing laser, high resolution pattern generator (Heidelberg Instruments Mikrotechnik, Germany); [...more details]

Double Side Mask Aligner - MA6/BA6 (Suss MicroTec, Germany) for optical lithography (DUV, UV), nanoimprint lithography (NIL-UV)  [...more details]
Electron Beam Lithography and nanoengineering workstation - e_Line (Raith, Germany ) [...more details]
Dip Pen Nanolithography Writer - NSCRIPTOR (NanoInk, Inc., USA) [...more details]
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Physical deposition tools
Electron Beam Evaporation an DC sputtering system - AUTO 500 (BOC Edwards, UK) [...more details]
Electron Beam Evaporation system - EVD 500A (Neva, Japan) [...more details]
Vacuum coating system, boat evaporation - BAK-500 (Balzers, Switzerland) [...more details]
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Chemical deposition tools

PECVD - LPX-CVD, with LDS module  (STS, UK) - to be installed soon [...more details]
LPCVD - LC100 (AnnealSys, France)- to be installed soon; [...more details]
APCVD - PYROX (Tempress, UK) - to be installed soon [...more details]
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Dry etching tools


RIE Plasma Etcher - Etchlab 200 (SENTECH Instruments, Germany) [...more details]

DRIE- Plasmalab System 100- ICP Deep Reactive Ion Etching System [...more details]
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Thermal processing tools

Furnace - oxidation, diffusion, sintering (Lindberg) [...more details]
Furnace - rapid thermal processing/annealing - AS-One (AnnealSys, France) [...more details]
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Microarrays, Biomolecule research

Micro-Nano Plotter - OmniGrid (Genomic Solutions Ltd., UK) [...more details]
Microarray Scanner - GeneTAC UC4 (Genomic Solutions Ltd., UK) [..more details]
Zeta Potential and Submicron Particle Size Analyzer - DelsaNano (Beckman Coulter, USA) [...more details]
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Wetbenches, Glove-box

Glove box for preparation and deposition of nanocomposites and organic layers under N2 athnosphere(Salare, USA)
Masks processes: resist development, Cr etching, resist removal, DI cleaning (Atechim, Romania) [...more details]
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Other tools

Die Bonding System
Wire Bonding System
Wafer Bonder System- SB6L- Wafer - Substrate Bonder System [...more details]



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Last update: February, 2012