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Pattern generator - DWL 66fs Laser Lithography System


The mask writing process with DWL 66fs is achieved through the help of a 405-nm Diode laser.DWL 66fs has 2 write heads of 2 and 10 mm, which ensure a maximum resolution of 0,6 µm respectively 3 µm. The mask file format can be in any of the following extensions: DXF, HPGL, Gerber, GDSII or CIF. Writing facility: on mask (with dimensions ranging between 2,5” and 6”) and on plates (with the diameter bigger or equal to 3”)



It can be used for mask making or direct exposure on basically any flat material coated with photoresist. Numerous optional features increase the flexibility and make the system suitable for more applications. And if one of your applications requires a special technology, it can most likely be implemented in the DWL 66FS.

Quotation mask

Data formats:

Preferred format is CIF or GDSII.


4’’ square soda lime, 0.06’’ thickness
5’’ square soda lime, 0.06’’ thickness

Delivery time:

Standard: 2-10 working days (10mm writehead, 2mm writehead)


Standard / Enhanced / Customer Specific


Clear-field or Dark-field

CD Tolerance:

± 10%       Tolerance for CD > 20μm
± 500nm    Recommended for 4μm < CD < 20μm
± 300nm    Recommended for 2μm < CD < 4μm
± 150nm    Recommended for 1μm < CD < 2μm


Minimum feature size 1μm for lines, not  complex geometry
Smallest writing grid 25nm


For a quotation, please provide us with the following information:
1. Substrate size and material
2. Maximum design dimensions
3. Polarity (clear-field or dark-field)
4. Mirror on x/y axis
5. CD (critical dimension) tolerance required
6. Required turn-around time for order
7. Required inspection level

Press here we have the extended version for the mask order form [….]

Mask Making Time

- This strongly depends on the masks design and the number of masks requested. From our experience in the last year, we have had an average time of about 2 day after the file is accepted, for dimensions bigger than 3 microns and for dimensions between 1-3 microns it strongly depends of the area to expose and it can be about 6 days. Check with the process engineer in regards to the status of the mask queue and the status of the machine. 

For masks that are to be shipped by courier, add at least one more business day. The extra time depends on the shipping carrier.

- Cost of Mask: to estimate the cost of the mask, the extents of the pattern have to be specified. The extents are the X and Y dimensions of a rectangle that completely covers all the features of the pattern of the mask. Once you have these dimensions, you can contact the process engineer to obtain the cost of the mask: 

- Critical Dimensions Specifications: The current spec for the critical dimensions is 2 micron with a 0.2 micron tolerance. The CD can be pushed down to 2 micron, but results depend strongly on the layout and are not guaranteed.

- Available Plates: We currently have Chrome Soda Lime Masks and the available sizes are 4inch, 5inch, and 6inch (maximum 6 inch, only on command). We DO NOT supply Iron Oxide masks and there is currently no plan to have that kind of masks available in the near future. If you need Iron Oxide, please contact other mask shops. 

- Mask File Acceptable Formats: Either CIF of GDSII formats are preferred. DXF is also acceptable, but please verify the pattern with the process engineer before submitting it as we have found incompatibility problems. 


Ordering Masks from IMT Bucharest

- Complete a submission form for each mask layer. Fill out one form per mask ordered.
- Mask filenames may not contain spaces or any other special characters. Underscore bar and dashes are OK.
- Email the submission form(s) and the mask file(s) to:
eng. Gabriela Dragan, Chief of Mask Fabrication Department  ([email protected])
eng. Florentina Gheorghe – process engineer ([email protected])


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Last update: February 27, 2011