MINAFAB Processing equipments

Electron Beam Evaporation an DC Sputtering system



Front loading thin film system for R&D or pre-production. 500mm x 500mm chamber. Flexible substrate dimensions: 260mm-diameter workholder plate.

Multilayer deposition, up to 6 different types, of metallic materials in the same vacuum run (4 by e-beam and 2 by sputtering).

Coating materials: Al, Ni, Cr, Au, Pt. Up to 250ºC substrate heating. Optional substrate plasma pre-cleaning. Ultimate vacuum: 7 x 10-7 mbar. PLC control and thickness monitoring with 0.1 nm resolution.



  • Vacuum depositions of thin films of Al, Ni, Cr, Au, Pt, etc, using plasma sputtering and/or electron-beam evaporation.


Application scientist: eng. Carmen Iorga[email protected]



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Last update: February 27, 2011